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A leading Microservices, Machine Learning, Cloud, MLOps and DevOps consulting company. Our unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise reaches every project we take on, be it turnkey, short-term, or one-off.


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Schogini Systems P Ltd is a leading Microservices, Machine Learning, Cloud, and DevOps consulting company. Our unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise reaches every project we take on, be it turnkey, short-term, or one-off.

For over 15 years, we've been transforming organizations worldwide through DevOps consulting, services, training, and infrastructure as a code. Our certified team has the skills you need to deliver a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective DevOps solution that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

The founder/MD, Sreeprakash Neelakantan, is an international award-winning Enterprise Architect interested in learning new technologies and training professionals worldwide.

He was the former Information Technology Manager Middle East and South Asia - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and the Top Quality Performance Global Award winner from KLM for Cost Reduction and Process Enhancement (1995). He is currently a Certified Kubernetes Administrator(CKA) offering consultancy and training to help enterprises adopt Kubernetes successfully for container orchestrations. He had multiple cloud certifications, including the AWS Solutions Architect and AWS DevOps Professional certifications in the past.

Apart from being an exemplary trainer with experience delivering high-quality training on most DevOps tools, Sreeprakash authored a book on Docker in 2018. PacktPub published this book.

Our Publications


Certified Kubernetes Administrator


GitLab Certified CI/CD Specialist

Startup America

TiEcon 2011

Startup America Lounge

Sreeprakash Neelakantan's Interview at Startup America Lounge, TiEcon 2011
"It is a passion, money is byproduct. Passion is what drives you."

Startup America

2020 Mumbai Marathon

TMM 2020 Mumbai Marathon

Sreeprakash Neelakantan is a TMM 2020 Mumbai Marathon finisher.
"Showed us that it is never too late to reach your goals."

DevOps Engineer

AWS Certified DevOps Professional 2019

AWS Certified DevOps Professional

Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 2021

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

Certified Developer

AWS Certified Developer Associate 2017

AWS Certified Developer


The term MLOps is often used in context with the operations and maintenance of machine learning models. MLOps is a set of practices that aims to deploy and maintain machine learning models in production reliably.  [Read]

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Once you understand the need and advantages of a configuration management tool, the first thing you will hear is pull or push based configuration management tool. [Read]

Simply put, Kubernetes is a Container Orchestration tool. This means that, with Kubernetes you don’t worry about the container — where they are created, keeping them alive, how to talk to them and so on. You think only in terms of services needed for your application. This makes application design, deployment & scaling much easier. [Read]


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Schogini Systems P Ltd

A leading Micro-Services, Machine Learning, Cloud, and DevOps consulting company. Our unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise reaches every project we take on, be it turnkey, short-term, or one-off.

Schogini Systems P Ltd, Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA 695038

Schogini Systems P Ltd, Trivandrum, Kerala, INDIA 695038

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