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icon144Fun and Learn – Teach Me kate

Packaging crisp syllabus for kids aged 6 & above!!

Embark on a beautiful journey with Dennis and Kate!
Over the cliffs, through the woods, by the stream…
Sing….Play….Fly….Learn….as you go…

“Fun n learn : Teach me kate” is one gorgeous app that shares the beautiful journey of Kate and Dennis, rediscovering the joy of learning.
Breathtaking artworks, lovely characters, whimsical interactions, enchanting audio, engaging storyline, impressive syllabus…

Charm your kids with this highly educative and sweet little app!!!

* Alphabets
* Counting
* Time Reading
* Number Series
* Vowels
* Consonants
* Addition
* Subtraction
* Money practice
* Rhyme
* Place value


* STORY mode offers amazing gameplay alongside the adventurous journey.
* LEARN mode provides countless hours of learning experience for your little one.
* Collect attractive gifts at every gameplay.
* Capture your photo and upload in the profile page to show off why YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!
* Spellbinding graphics and amazing animations to captivate your kid’s imagination.
* Creative interactions and explosive sound effects to make your kid want more.
* Packed with all the basic lessons to help your kid grow.

Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5PrP3UCr14




  • Fun n Learn- Teach me Kate-SS5
  • Fun n Learn- Teach me Kate-SS4
  • Fun n Learn- Teach me Kate-SS3
  • Fun n Learn- Teach me Kate-SS2
  • Fun n Learn- Teach me Kate-SS1



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Be in touch with us always.
Fun n Learn: Teach me Kate Support
What’s New in Version 1.2

– Feedback Option Added
– Added One New Game
– Performance & Stability Improvements
– Minor Bug Fixes

***Like us on our Official Facebook Page.***


Be in touch with us always.

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