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Android manifest permissions


Declares a security permission that can be used to limit access to specific components or features of this or other applications.

<permission android:description="string resource"
            android:icon="drawable resource"
            android:label="string resource"
            android:protectionLevel=["normal" | "dangerous" | 
                                     "signature" | "signatureOrSystem"] />

We often do release updates to our Applications. While releasing updates there are several things to be considered.

When installed as an update to a previous version, the following scenario might Occur,

shortcuts break
widgets disappear
App can’t even be installed at all.

There are certain parts of an application that are edited only once ie) during the first time of app creation. Once you publish an app, these has to be unaltered. This helps in avoiding surprises by understanding them. Here are a few important Points,

Package name
The package name should never be changed during an update. It causes the Android System to treat the new update application as an entirely new Application.
Possible Issues – Broken Widget and Shortcuts
Developer Certificate and Key
The developer’s certificate and key must be the same as the previous issue. This causes the Signature Mismatch error and fails the new update. It doesn’t allow to install the update at all.

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