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Useful Shortcut Keys:
(replace cmd with ctrl and opt with alt on Windows/Linux)

Android Emulator:
esc - back key
ctrl + f12 - toggle landscape and portrait
cmd + option + enter - full screen
f2 - menu

cmd + shift + L - Displays all available shortcuts
cmd + shift + F - formats source
cmd + shift + O - organize imports
cmd + L - go to line number
cmd + 1 - quick fix
control + space - content assist
cmd + shift + T - finds a class
cmd + T - shows hierarchy of class you’ve selected
option + shift + a - shows Android specific shortcuts

We often do release updates to our Applications. While releasing updates there are several things to be considered.

When installed as an update to a previous version, the following scenario might Occur,

shortcuts break
widgets disappear
App can’t even be installed at all.

There are certain parts of an application that are edited only once ie) during the first time of app creation. Once you publish an app, these has to be unaltered. This helps in avoiding surprises by understanding them. Here are a few important Points,

Package name
The package name should never be changed during an update. It causes the Android System to treat the new update application as an entirely new Application.
Possible Issues – Broken Widget and Shortcuts
Developer Certificate and Key
The developer’s certificate and key must be the same as the previous issue. This causes the Signature Mismatch error and fails the new update. It doesn’t allow to install the update at all.

Rotate the android emulator

We can rotate the android emulator by using the shortcuts
Ctrl+F12 and Ctrl+F11

Installing Android in PC & Virtualbox

First Download the desired Android ISO from (latest stable release is better)


Installing Android in PC — As an OS

Burn the downloaded image to CD/DVD

Insert this CD/DVD into the drive and reboot the computer

Configure the system BIOS to Boot from the CD/DVD rom

Choose to Live CD or Install the Operating System.

Warning: Instalation of Android will erase all data on your hardisk.

Installing Android in PC — Virtualbox

Create a new VirtualMachine in Virtual Box with the following configuration:

Give it a name of your choice,

select “Linux” for the operating system

and “Linux 2.6″ for the version.

When prompted for the base memory RAM size you can enter 256MB (512MB is recommended).


Installed in Virtualbox & PC:

Some Useful Shortcuts for Android:

Arrows – navigation
Enter – confirm
Left Windows key – home
Escape – back
Menu or popup key (next to right Windows key) – application menu
ctrl + F1 – Console mode
ctrl + F7 – Graphical mode

USB Mouse and USB Keyboard Works without any problems for versions 2.0 (I have not tested for older releases may work as well) and above.

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