How to Copy a Keynote Presentation to Your iPad

Keynote is an amazing software for creating animated and really creative presentations. But how to create a presentation in keynote software of Mac and make it available to your iPad. Just follow the below mentioned steps :

– Connect your iPad to the PC, which contains the saved keynote presentation file.

– Open iTunes software.

– Select the connected device under the Devices section on the left panel.

– On the Right panel select the Apps tab.

– Scroll Down to the File Sharing section.

– Select the Keynote Application.

– Drag and drop your keynote file to the Keynote Documents section to the right.

Now the keynote document will be copied or synced to the keynote app in the device and you will see the progress of copying at the top section of iTunes.

Once the file copying is done, open the keynote application on the iPad. You won’t see the copied resource in the library. For that we have do one more thing. In the keynote application on iPad, you will see an Import Presentation button at the top left of the screen. Click that and you will see a list of available presentation in your iTunes. Select the one you copied and it will be added to your keynote library.

That is it. Now you have the keynote presentation created using Mac Keynote software available on your iPad.

Crazy Circuits: a rocking circuit game!!

Enhance your thinking ability! With Unlimited Combinations, you never play the same game again!

Crazy Circuits is an electrifying game to stimulate and challenge the brain for all ages. Enjoy connecting bulbs together to make them glow. Put your problem solving speed to test with four levels of difficulty.This innovative and thrilling circuit game is sure to delight you. Download it today to sharpen your thinking skills.

Make the right connections!!
Circuits are 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5 matrices of bulbs based on the level of difficulty ranging from Easy to Expert level. Each bulb comes with a number that indicates the number of connections that it needs from adjacent bulbs to glow. When you have made the connections, simply check whether you made the right connections and get a score based on how fast you solved it. You will enjoy a demo of how it works from within the app. The app allows you to delete, undo, redo or verify connections. There is also an option for skipping the current grid and starting a new game. Quickly make your connections and check if you are able to brighten up your screen!

– four levels of difficulty makes it suitable for all age groups
– auto mode to see the connections in action
– demo and help
– game center to track scores
– connection verification and bonus
– achievement meter indication

This stimulating brain training game hones skills including,
– intelligence
– memory
– attention
– focus
– speed
– problem solving
– spatial reasoning
– reaction time
– math, physics and science concepts

Check out Crazy Circuit iPhone/iPad game app at <a href=””>iTunes store</a> by Schogini Systems in the Games category. You will also like other mobile apps from Schogini at

Downloading the iTunes sales report from iTunesConnect account

The following are the steps for downloading the sales report from iTunesConnect.

  1. Login to iTunesConnectHomePage.
  2. Select the option, Sales and Trends from the options which appear.
  3. Select the Sales tab from the two tabs which will be appearing.
  4. Now choose the day or the week for which the sales report is to be downloaded.
  5. After selecting the period, choose the Sales Report option.
  6. Now from the window which appears, select Save the file.
  7. The saved files name will be something in *.txt.gz format. Just unzip it and you will get the text file with the sales report in it.


Subscription Type In-App Purchases in iTunes

A subscription In-App purchase shares attributes of both consumable and non-consumable products. Like a consumable product, a subscription may be purchased multiple times and you can implement your own renewal mechanism in your app. However, subscriptions must be provided on all devices associated with a user.
Here developer will have to deliver subscriptions through their own server. Developer should also handle subscriptions across multiple devices.

There are 2 types of subscription In-App purchases

Auto-renewable Subscriptions

An auto-renewable In-App Purchase subscription allows the user to purchase in-app content for a set duration of time. At the end of that duration the subscription will renew itself, unless the user opts out, which he/she has to do from his/her account in iTunes.


Non-renewing Subscriptions
A Non-renewing subscription do not have the feature where we can set the duration we want to offer for our In-App purchase. So we must provide the information some other way. It requires a user to renew each time and the expiry of the subscription should be handled by the developer.

Consumable and Non-consumable In-App purchases in iTunes


Most commonly used In-App purchase types are Consumable ans Non-Consumable

Consumable In-App Purchases
A consumable In-App Purchase must be purchased every time the user downloads it. This purchase is to be made every time the app or module is being downloaded. This is effective if you need the user to pay every time he/she tries to use a feature of the app.

Non-Consumable In-App Purchases
A non-consumable In-App Purchase only needs to be purchased once by the user. Services that do not expire or decrease are usually implemented as non-consumables. In you want the user to do an In-App purchase once and then use the purchased feature as long as they want, then we use this In-App purchase.

Before releasing an App in itunes..

1. Create a YouTube video:

create a YouTube video and put it on your website and post about this in your blog. Also submit this video to some review sites, which provide an option to post the YouTube link. You can make a video replay with other videos which are related to your App.

2. Submit to numerous review sites.

Submit your App description to numerous review sites.

3. Register on most valuable iPhone-related forums.

Register on most valuable iPhone-related forums such as MacRumors, iPhoneDevSDK, etc.

4. Create something like a widget for your blog.

It will shows all your apps available on the App Store. Site visitors can easily access your apps in the App Store by just clicking on the iTunes link in this widget.

5. Twitter account where you post all your news.

Try to grow your followers base to increase the effect from Twitter.

6. Embedded ad banners in your free games

This banner should linked to App on the itunes.

7. Every app you submit to the App Store should have a “More Games” section

“More Games” section contains direct links to all your apps on the App Store.

The all new Apple TV

Apple Released Apple TV for just $99. This allows you to browse a huge selection of movies and TV shows from Netflix on Apple TV, and when you find something you like, watch it right away or add it to your instant-watch queue for later. Show off your photos and videos on the big screen. Stream your iTunes music library or listen to Internet radio through the best speakers in the house. Grab the remote and access YouTube videos, MobileMe galleries, and Flickr photos from Apple TV. You can rent thousands of movies and commercial-free TV shows. HD movie rentals start at $3.99. And TV shows are just 99¢ per episode. The new Apple TV is quiet, energy efficient, and 80 percent smaller than the previous generation. It will fit right in next to your widescreen TV. Remote is a free, fun, and easy-to-use app that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a remote control. So wherever you are in your house, you can control your Apple TV with a tap or flick of a finger.
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