Bringing Windows Phone ‘Mango’ to Nokia developers

Microsoft recently previewed the next major release of Windows Phone. The new release, code-named Mango, delivers substantial improvements in both the software platform and developer tools. Mango features more than1,500 new APIs, 16 new languages, and hardware-accelerated support for both IE9 and HTML5. Mango also brings enticing new opportunities to Nokia developers. Updates for tools, such as enhanced debugging, emulator support with accelerometer, gesture support, and profiling will also improve developer productivity.

As part of its transition to Windows Phone, Nokia plans to develop a full portfolio of devices that address several audiences and markets, rather than simply creating one high-end device. Nokia will also work closely with Microsoft to differentiate its devices with Mango by featuring iconic hardware and services, while applying consistent design principles for a unique look and feel. In coming months, Nokia will continue to add improvements, benefits, and simplification to its developer-support offerings.
Meet Mango, watch a video demo, and get tools

Windows Azure

Multinational technology firm Microsoft India today announced the launch of a new set of developer tools and software development kits for PHP developers building applications for Windows Azure.
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