Android uses Uri (Uniform Resource Identifier) objects to identify the unique location of a piece of data. Uri objects are often used to specify the data that an Intent is supposed to use. In this case, we will create a Uri object from a web URL using the parse() method:


Uri uriUrl = Uri.parse(“”);  


You can view HTML content using the following Intent: android.content.Intent.ACTION_VIEW. Begin by creating an Intent of this type and specifying the URI you created above, as follows, within your Button click handler:


Intent launchBrowser = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, uriUrl);  


When you launch this Intent, any applications that can display web will be able to handle this request. Once you have set the type data for the Intent, you can call the startActivity() method, passing in your Intent:



When you click on this button, the Browser application (which generally handles HTML content display) is launched to the website you provided.