Crazy Circuits: a rocking circuit game!!

Enhance your thinking ability! With Unlimited Combinations, you never play the same game again!

Crazy Circuits is an electrifying game to stimulate and challenge the brain for all ages. Enjoy connecting bulbs together to make them glow. Put your problem solving speed to test with four levels of difficulty.This innovative and thrilling circuit game is sure to delight you. Download it today to sharpen your thinking skills.

Make the right connections!!
Circuits are 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5 matrices of bulbs based on the level of difficulty ranging from Easy to Expert level. Each bulb comes with a number that indicates the number of connections that it needs from adjacent bulbs to glow. When you have made the connections, simply check whether you made the right connections and get a score based on how fast you solved it. You will enjoy a demo of how it works from within the app. The app allows you to delete, undo, redo or verify connections. There is also an option for skipping the current grid and starting a new game. Quickly make your connections and check if you are able to brighten up your screen!

– four levels of difficulty makes it suitable for all age groups
– auto mode to see the connections in action
– demo and help
– game center to track scores
– connection verification and bonus
– achievement meter indication

This stimulating brain training game hones skills including,
– intelligence
– memory
– attention
– focus
– speed
– problem solving
– spatial reasoning
– reaction time
– math, physics and science concepts

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