Singapore Training

Singapore iOS App Training
Singapore iOS app training providers, Schogini systems, have the experience in iOS app training from the very genesis of the iPhone. We are not only one of the largest developers in the world with over 450 live apps in the app market for iPhone and iPad but provide the best iOS app training as well. Apple’s app market is known as app store and itunes.  Read More
Singapore Scratch Training
Singapore Scratch training teaches and provides assistance and guidance on how to use the tool called Scratch, which is a rapid game development system that helps even a 7-year-old child to be able to build games and publish them to the scratch community, and is created by MIS (from  Read More
Singapore Facebook App training
The Singapore Facebook app training provides the right guidance and coaching required to develop a great Facebook app. Learning to build an app on Facebook gives you the opportunity to deeply integrate into the core Facebook experience. Your app can integrate with many aspects of, including the News Feed and Notifications.  Read More
Singapore Mobile Web Training
Our Mobile Web Training will guide and teach you to create web apps which while browsing on a mobile device will behave and appear like native apps. The resultant webpage look and feel will be determined by the user agent such as mobile safari, FireFox mobile etc., which will be browsing the same.  Read More
Singapore Mobile Applications
Singapore Mobile applications training can prove to be very useful during new product launches. Introducing a new product in the market; the companies will meet less resistance just by using mobile apps. The Singapore Mobile applications training help expand businesses.  Read More
Singapore Mobile Game Training
Singapore Mobile Game Training gives you the necessary skills and confidence to enter in to the world of game development. With the evolution in technology, the fittest continue to survive, and in order survive it is important to move on with technology, and very often a reputed Mobile Game Training is required.  Read More
Singapore ScriptCase Training
Singapore ScriptCase Training is focused in teaching anyone with little or no programming knowledge about a very powerful PHP Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool known as Scriptcase, which is a web based application, which helps to build robust PHP and MySQL based web applications.  Read More
Singapore PhoneGap Training
Singapore PhoneGap Training provides the necessary skills to use the tool called PhoneGap. It is a rapid app development system that helps develop mobile applications which is native to several popular platforms. PhoneGap developer uses JavaScripts, CSS and HTML for the creation of various types of innovative and rich apps. PhoneGap is absolutely suitable for mobile app developers willing to start building mobile apps and leverage their already existing skills on common platform instead of Objective C or any other device-specific and compiled language.  Read More
Singapore Gamesalad Training
Singapore Gamesalad Training provides an opportunity to learn about Gamesalad developer, a rapid app development tool that equips just about anybody, with the capability to build mobile game applications without any prior programming knowledge! It is quite hard to believe but it’s true! Gamesalad training makes it possible for even small children to be able to build mobile games.  Read More
Singapore jQuery Mobile HTML5
Singapore jQuery Mobile HTML5 Training assists in is that, it shows how to combine a suite of technical capabilities to create a value-standard and industry-focused content language that can be easily and readily read by humans and consistently understood by computing devices like parser and a wide range of web browsers.  Read More
Singapore WordPress eCommerce
As a company wanting to enjoy the benefits of e-commerce you need to get help from experts like Singapore WordPress eCommerce Training from Schogini systems and web designers who can help teach and develop the e-commerce module that is right for your business– one with features you will use, and one that gives your business enough room for growth. This is what the Schogini extensive experience in payment modules offers you.  Read More
Singapore Training Options
Schogini systems is an award winning app development company. We develop mobile apps for IOS, Android, Blackberry and also Windows phone OS. We have 450+ live apps in iTunes alone. We started IOS application development along with the introduction of iPhone and it is the most experienced company in IOS mobile application development in the whole world. We are based on India and we have branches in US and Singapore.  Read More

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