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Simply Beautiful, the Rat on Pipe Featured in iTunes!

Featured in iTunes in 12 places

Featured in Games > Trivia > What’s Hot > United States (#28), India (#42)

Featured in Games > Trivia > What’s Hot >Sri Lanka (#4) , Vietnam (#7)

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In a dark tunnel, the only way to travel is on the four pipes running through it. A rat is making his way home through the tunnel. He is new in this area, and doesnít know the dangers that lie ahead.

As the rat makes his way through the dingy tunnel, he must avoid the traps set on the pipes. If he gets caught in any of the trap, he will lose his life.

But there is hope ñ five different types of fruits are also on these pipes. If the rat gets a fruit, he will get points; get three fruits of same kind, there is a bonus. Make the rat get as many fruits as he can, while avoiding the dangerous traps.

To make the rat change the track, just tap on the pipe on the left or the right, and the rat will jump to the nearest pipe. To avoid a trap, or to get a fruit, the rat can jump on the different pipes. If the rat is too close to a trap, just tap on him to jump over it.

There is an additional bonus ñ a life-saving shield. If the rat gets the shield, then he will get an extra life!

Keep moving!
Sreeprakash Neelakantan Web SiteRat on Pipe Support
What’s New in Version 1.4

Added New Feature. Now you could run more! 3 Lives added.







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