Phonegap Training

PhoneGap Training provides the necessary skills to use the tool called PhoneGap. It is a rapid app development system that helps develop mobile applications which is native to several popular platforms. A web developer with HTML, CSS and JavaScript exposure will be able to build mobile applications and does not necessarily have to study platform specific development tools and languages. Developers have an opportunity to create different varieties of applications related to entertainment, business, social media and games and may even be used for third- party integration.

A PhoneGap training offers some clear benefits:

  • Rapidly build mobile apps for the following platforms and market places:
    • Apple iOs Apps for iTunes Market Place
    • Google Android Apps for Google Play Market Place
    • Windows Mobile Apps for Windows App Hub
    • Blackberry
    • Bada and more
    • Your proven expertise combined with PhoneGap training can be readily applied to build sophisticated and complex mobile apps.
    • Save app development cost by building just a single app and distributing it to multiple stores without having to learn several diverse programming platforms/ languages like Xcode/ objective-C for iOs, Eclipse/ Java for Android, Microsoft VisualsSrudio/ C-Sharp for Windows mobile etc.
    • Save time by PhoneGap’s ready to use JQuery Mobile Template and Controls that is remarkably advantageous in developing professional apps without having to reinvent the wheel.

PhoneGap Developer and PhoneGap Training

What makes PhoneGap training successful?

In order to succeed in the gaming niche, it would be more beneficial to have appropriate control over certain areas even though PhoneGap is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool:

  • You should either know graphics creation or have access to a graphics developer.
  • You should have an app design or understand some of the popular games in order to creatively imitate them.
  • You should have developer accounts for each market place, so that you may be able to upload your games and monetize them.
  • You should have an access to a testing team to test your games.
  • You should preferably have some experience in uploading to the market place and be able to monitor sales.
  • You should have allocated sometime to develop updates and bug fixes regularly.
  • Last but not the least it is good to have a reputed mentor.

PhoneGap Training- Helps Develop Various Features and Applications

PhoneGap is used in developing different varieties of cross- platform applications for mobile phones; it is an opened source framework. This framework is perfect for people are interested in the creation of code bases compatible with multiple devices. PhoneGap developer uses JavaScripts, CSS and HTML for the creation of various types of rich and innovative apps. PhoneGap is absolutely suitable for mobile app developers willing to start building mobile apps and leverage their already existing skills on common platform instead of Objective C or any other device-specific and compiled language.

Reputable PhoneGap Training- Ideal for Developing Apps similar to Different types of Native Apps

Users can easily connect the PhoneGap apps with the hardware of their mobile devices and is similar to other tools, like GPS or Accelerometer. Developers can build PhoneGap apps which is similar to different types of native application with ease. Best part of the developed apps will include finding of the correct place in the Android Market and in the Apple App Stores. And what is great about PhoneGap is that,one does not have to use particular mobile platforms for making different types of connected applications.

PhoneGap Training- Appropriate for Creating Apps for Various Mobile Platforms

PhoneGap is apt for creation of applications for various types of mobile platforms. This includes Android, Blackberry, iOs and versions of iOs, Symbian, Palm OS. The features that can be added using PhoneGap is quite distinct.

mobile web development

mobile web development

PhoneGap Training- Application Interface of PhoneGap SDK

The presence of application interface in PhoneGap SDK has the ability to provide several specific mobile phone features to developers. The different kind of hardware specific features supported by PhoneGap is a big advantage for mobile developers. This includes:

  • Accelerometer Features
  • Features of GEO Location
  • Features of Enhancing Sound

In order to develop creative and vibrant apps with PhoneGap, you have to install SDK for platform particular for the mobile phones and the one needing to target for creation of applications. Software development kits are used by reputable PhoneGap developer to compile the applications necessary for specific platforms. For example, if you want to developan Android application, you must install Android SDK and Android NDK. Also, you must go for some other installations including that of ADT plugin and Eclipse IDE. Moreover, individuals should need Git Bash ,Ruby and Apache Ant.

On the other hand, Apple Computers based on Intel need require different types of hardware because Apple computers have the ability to deliver moderate performance and graphics in the well manner. You also need Mac OS X Snow, Xcode and iPhone SDK for Apple Computers.

PhoneGap training therefore focuses in teaching developers how to create single app which can be used in various types of mobile platforms using the PhoneGap framework. Developers have the opportunity to create diverse types mobile applications in all fields.

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Schogini team- Helps you in PhoneGap training and to Build Games

  • We can teach you PhoneGap
  • We can build the PhoneGap app for you and explain it
  • We can test the app for you
  • We can upload the games to the market place
  • We can promote your apps, we have a Google Adwords individually Qualified professional at your service.
  • Last but not the least we can offer excellent cloud based connectivity echo system!

If you are a mobile app developer, PhoneGap Training is a clear advantage as it saves both money and time. If you are not a mobile app developer, we can still help you build all your dream apps. Plus, having your own game in the market place is like planting a money tree, just bag the returns!

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