Mobile Applications Development


Mobile Applications Development in Small Business World

How Mobile Applications Development Can Help Your Company to Grow by Leaps and Bounds

If you are a small business owner, most likely your company has a web presence and a fully functional website. Does your website always connect you with your present and future customers? Most likely the answer is “no”. The reason is that people use cell phones now to browse Internet. These days so many things are done on the phone – it’s amazing!

Mobile applications are the connecting link between small businesses and customers. What can a company achieve by using mobile applications development?

  • Connect your company with customers in real time
  • Engage existing customers with your offers.
  • Get new customers by advertising on websites open to mobile web traffic.
  • Grow your business by using mobile shopping cart.

Your existing customers already love your products. So, it’s not that hard to get repeat orders. Mobile applications can do that easily. For example, it is possible to get a mobile application that will track what people bought in the past and remind them to get the product again and again. Such application can increase business income substantially – no kidding!

Not all business owners look at their websites on mobile phones. They are very busy people. That’s a known fact. As a business owner, have you ever thought that a website developed 5 years ago looks really bad on a cell phone? That is happening because the website was designed to be browsed on desktop computers. People click out of a regular website when they browse Internet on their cell phones. It simply hurts eyes to look at the website if it is not adjusted for a mobile phone. A mobile website will help in this situation. But a mobile website is not an application. It has different functions.

Development of the mobile shopping cart does not have to be part of your mobile applications development process. There are ready-made mobile shopping carts. Shopping carts that exist on the old-fashioned websites cannot process payments on mobile phones. So, what will a customer do when he/she sees something desirable on your website, wants to buy it, but cannot do it? Go to your competitor. You will lose the transaction and possibly customer – forever.

Is It Worth to Invest Money in Mobile Applications Development?

The answer is a totally positive ‘YES!”. Google & Ipsos conducted a study “on the use of smartphones and other mobile devices by users”. The study determined that the quantity of smartphone users increases very fast. People use mobile devices to look up local information on Internet. Companies today cannot avoid having presence on mobile devices. It’s that simple! Did you know that some people take their smartphones to restrooms? It’s true.

Mobile apps can be very useful during new product launches. The companies will meet less resistance just by using mobile apps to introduce a new product to the market. Mobile apps help expand businesses. But as a small business owner you need to make sure you hire professionals. Don’t forget to do the due diligence on the company you want to hire.


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