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Play and Enrich Your Brain! [ranked in 37 countries] Download Crazy Circuit & discover how addicting thinking through arcade style numeric puzzles can get! Figit with circuits, figure out which nodes needs to connect with which, & electrify your day in the process!

Crazy Circuit is a unique puzzle game that challenges players to utilize their deductive skills to connect a set number of electrical circuits in the correct pattern in order to make them work. With puzzle solving dynamics similar to endlessly entertaining games of skill like SUDOKU, Crazy Circuit provides players with theoretically endless levels to play through, ensuring that theyíll be engrossed by the game time and time again. Players simply set their difficulty level and take off connecting circuits until they find the right connections, fill up every free moment of their day regardless of where they are, and guarantee they always have a way to entertain themselves.

This addictive puzzle experience is as well designed as it is exciting to play. The game features vivid well rendered graphics, a sophisticated random puzzle generation engine, as well as a useful array of player features to ensure that everyone who play Crazy Circuits gets exactly the gaming experience they want. Among itís functions the game includes a undo/redo option, a pause button, as well as a useful auto-play feature. Thereís even a built-in Cheat System available for users to use in case they get frustrated with a level theyíre playing. Crazy Circuit is fully integrated with Appleís Game Center as well.

Next time you decide to game on the go play Crazy Circuit and grow your brain while youíre at it!

App Features:

ï Random level generation allows for unlimited levels.
ï Undo/ Redo button for flexible gameplay
ï Assist functions to help during tough in-game situations
ï Verify feature to help ensure users never accidentally make a move they donít wish to make
ï Pause function
ï Full Game Center Integration

Crazy Circuit is developed by Schogini Systems.
Crazy Circuit Lite Support
What’s New in Version 1.1

Added Option to ‘Rate’ the App

Here is the working video of Konnect app…




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  • Konnekt-SS4
  • Konnekt-SS3
  • Konnekt-SS2
  • Konnekt-SS1


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