jQuery Mobile HTML5 Developer


JQuery Mobile HTML5 Developer

JQuery Mobile developer uses a powerful jQuery extention called jQuery Mobile, which is an HTML5, based rapid app development system that helps a web developer with HTML, CSS and JavaScript exposure to be able to build mobile applications, which can be web based or native to several popular platforms! The advantage of this is that you don’t need to study platform specific development tools and languages. A JQuery Mobile developer has these distinct advantages.jQuery-Mobile-Developer

  • Quickly build mobile apps for these different platforms and market places
    • Apple iOs Apps for iTunes Market Place
    • Google Android Apps for Google Play Market Place
    • Windows Mobile Apps for Windows App Hub
    • Blackberry
    • Bada and more..
  • Your proven expertise can be readily applied to build sophisticated mobile apps.
  • A JQuery Mobile developer is able to save app development cost by developing just one app and publishing it to mulilple stores without having to learn various differing programming platforms/languages like Xcode/objective-C for iOS, Eclipse/Java for Android, Microsoft VisualStudio/C-Sharp for Windows mobile and so on and so forth.
  • Ready to use JQuery Mobile Templates and Controls can immensely help in building professional apps without having to reinvent the wheel, thus saving a lot of time.

What does it take to be a good JQuery Mobile Developer?

Though JQuery Mobile is a RAD(Rapid App Development) tool it is good to have a control over these areas to succeed in the app market niche!

  • Preferably you should know graphics creation or you should have access to a graphics developer
  • You should have an app design plan or understand some of the popular games in order to creatively imitate them
  • If you need to convert these apps as native and publish, then you should have developer accounts for each market places to be able to upload your games and monitize them
  • You should preferably have access to a testing team to test your apps
  • You should have allocated sometime to develop updates and bug fixes regularly
  • Last but not the least it is good to have an experienced mentor

Should you want consider embarking on this amazing web app development journey that has the potential to generate unattended residual income, you may want to consider engaging our most experienced team to assist you.

How our Schogini team can help you build games?

  • We can verify your app design plan
  • We can assess your app idea’s market potential
  • We can do a niche research
  • We can teach you JQuery Mobile
  • We can build the JQuery Mobile app for you and explain it
  • We can test the app for you
  • We can upload the games to the markert place
  • We can promote your apps, we have a Google Adwords Individually Qualified professional at your service.
  • Last but not the least we can offer excellent cloud based connectivity echo system!

Navigating the Protocol for html5 Mark-up Language – HTML5 Developer

Basically, HTML5 refers to a mark-up language highly used for structuring and presenting content to the World Wide Web platform. However, the structuring of HTML5 has not come by chance as special techniques have to be employed and delivered in a time-to-value fashion. Indeed, this has opened a whole business segment by enabling a wide range of developers to structure the latest strategies of HTML and hence supplying basic www content in an outsourced basis.

Exploring the Scope of Developing HTML

For a html5 developer, a powerful portfolio of web design capabilities has to be leveraged so as to arrive at this fifth revision standard of HTML. And indeed, many developers have shown continued ability to work towards the development of better html language with support from the latest multimedia technologies and solutions. What a html5 developer does is that s/he combines a suite of technical capabilities to create an industry-focused and value-standard content language that can be easily and readily read by humans and consistently understood by computing devices like parser and a wide range of web browsers.

With this knowledge, html developer can identify any problem with the language of a given content on the internet and adapt technology to it. And wherever possible, the process of coming up with such language has been traced and found to base its core in the previous versions of HTML which included HTML 4.01 and HTML 1.1. However, what makes such task a daunting one is the fact that a wide range of technologies have to be employed and in some instances, such technologies are outdated and hence cannot match fully with the systems used to convert and deliver html5 solutions. And whenever possible, HTML has managed to have its way in such a regulative and competitive web industry by having a number of features including

  • Video programming
  • Audio
  • Canvas elements
  • SCV, Scalable Vector graphic integration

With such features, html5 developer can gain a powerful portfolio of solutions in developing this successful version of html. Needles to say, these features are what have enabled many web masters and developers to slice and dice performance so as to create a highly integrative piece of language. And anytime, integrated HTML5 developer corporations can offer their affiliate enterprises more efficient ways to prioritize web services and hence giving high-value customers faster services and low-value customers more direct access to self-service and web-support. Needless to say, this is one of the reasons HTML industry has managed to increase performance and operational efficiency of the many language portal used in web design.

The Unmatched Beauty of a HTML5 Developer

Additionally, html5 developer companies have managed to feature specialized vertical solutions and horizontal back-end functionalities needed to really provide a 360-view of the language to computing devices as well as humans. That way, a person can follow the language, analyze it as well as allow space for further modification and especially to future developers. For years, this fifth version of html has become popular with web developers, however, in April 2010, the version became a topic for the media’s mainstream. Luckily since then, html framework architecture has faced new modifications to remain versed with emerging geographies and technologies. Indeed, this is one of the reasons html5 was introduced into technology some years ago, and ever since, it has broadened that investment.

This immensely save your money and time. Moreover having your own web apps live early on will help to atract organic traffic and ranking.

Contact us today! Let us be associates.


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