Jenkins Getting Started - 100% Practical Instructor-Led Online Training

Jenkins Getting Started - 100% Practical Instructor-Led Online Training

Learn Online Directly From Professional Trainers!

Jenkins Getting Started TOC

You get access to our cloud lab to do all section exercises



Introduction to Continuous Integration
What is Continuous Integration?
Advantages of Continuous Integration
Continuous Integration Tools
Introduction to Jenkins
What is Jenkins?
Continuous Integration with Jenkins
Understanding Build Lifecycle
Jenkins Tools Supported
Jenkins Architecture
Jenkins Master
Jenkins Node
Jenkins Agent


Jenkins Setup & UI

Jenkins Installation
Obtaining and Installing Jenkins
Setup Jenkins with Docker
Unlocking Jenkins
Customizing Jenkins with Plugins
Creating the First Admin User
Exploring Jenkins Dashboard
Managing Jenkins
Jenkins UI Customization
Restarting Jenkins


Jenkins Security & User Management

Securing Jenkins
Understanding Jenkins Security
Enabling Matrix-based Security
Jenkins Credentials
Jenkins User Management
Creating User
User Authorization
Managing Users
Deleting Users


Managing Plugins

Jenkins Plugins
Understanding Jenkins Plugins
Need for Jenkins Plugins
Installing Plugins
Updating Plugins
Uninstalling Plugins
Managing Plugins
Configuring Plugins


Configuring Global Tools

Jenkins Global Tools Configuration
Understanding Global Tools
Managing Global Tools
Integrating Jenkins with Maven
Jenkins Github Integration
Managing Tools Versions


Jenkins Jobs

Working with Jenkins Jobs
Creating Jobs
Types of Jobs
Configuring Jobs
Source Code Management for Jobs
Understanding Build Triggers
Understanding Build Environment
Building Jobs
Understanding Post-build Actions
Understanding Build Status
Accessing Build Console Output
Enabling and Disabling Jobs
Deleting Jobs


Build Deployments

Deploying Builds with Jenkins
Understanding Build/Deploy
CI/CD Differences
Deployment Plugins
Tomcat Installation and Configuration
Deploying a war file from Jenkins to Tomcat


Automating Jenkins Builds

Jenkins CLI
Understanding Jenkins CLI
Managing Jenkins via CLI
Authentication while Using Jenkins CLI
Automated Builds Using Jenkins CLI


Jenkins Pipeline & Maintenance

Jenkins Pipeline
Understanding Pipeline
Writing Pipeline Scripts
Working with Pipeline Scripts
Understanding BlueOcean
What is Jenkinsfile
Jenkinsfile in SCM
Jenkins Maintenance
Troubleshooting Jenkins
Best Practices for Jenkins


You get to interact with highly experienced professionals who are AWS certified, have years of real-life projects and training experience. Moreover, Sreeprakash Neelakantan has published a book on Docker!

This is an instructor-led online course with presentation slides. Each student will be provided access to a cloud-based lab to do all the hands-on exercises.


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