How to setup up your static ip in Android Version 4.0.X ICS

By default the system wont allow you to set a static ip for your device.  Here are the steps to set up static ip.
1. go to system settings
2. click on wifi
3. click on add network
4. enter your network ssid
5. choose your security
6. enter your password for you network
7. click save

ok here is where you have to let it find the network, let it connect and aquire an ip address (even thou it is not the correct one) let it do its thing. do not skip this step otherwise you will not be able to configure the ip or save it.

once it says it is connected go back and do steps 1-2
you will see your network and it should say connected.
long press on your network name. it will bring up 2 options.

1 forget network
2 modify network config.
click on modify network config
it will bring up a bunch of settings. scroll down till you see a box that says :” Show advanced options”
click on the box. ( do not save or cancel the window)
scroll down a little bit and you will see 2 boxes

1 proxy settings
2 ip settings <<< click on the lower right hand coner and change this from dchp to static.
once you do this you will see settings under that box input all your info into these boxes *****( leave 3rd box that says ” network prefix length” at 24 )******* once you have completed click save and your phone should be connected to you static ip network..

1 ip address

2 gateway

3 network prefix length (Leave this at 24)

4 dns 1

5 dns 2

6 CLICK SAVE  and enjoy.