• Connect device to the USB.
    • Install the device drivers.(Tip: If device fails to install then Install driver Manually. Point the location of driver to <android-sdk-folder>\google-usb_driver. You should have installed the USB driver package for this)
    • Finish installing the drivers and restart adb
      • adb kill-server
      • adb start-server
  • Connect the device to wifi or lan
  • Type the following command and hit return
    adb tcpip 5555
    //5555 can be any valid port number. use non-defined ports to prevent conflicts. 5555 is default.
  • Now type the following
    adb connect
    // is the IP of your device
    //to find the ip of your device do the following
    //Settings -> Wireless & Networks ->Wi-Fi Settings
    //click on the connected Wifi Connection
    //Note your IP Address:
  • adb devices
    //now you can see the list of devices connected
  • To rever back to normal USB connect the device to usb and run the following command
    adb usb

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