Git Getting Started - 100% Practical Instructor-Led Online Training

Git Getting Started - 100% Practical Instructor-Led Online Training

Learn Online Directly From Professional Trainers!

Git Getting Started TOC

You get access to our cloud lab to do all section exercises



Introduction to Version Control
What is Version Control?
Why Version Control?
Types of Version Controls
Introduction to Git
What is Git?
Why Git?
Brief History of Git
Understanding Git Workflow


Git Installation & Setup

Installing Git
Installing Git on Linux
Installing Git on Windows
Installing Git on Mac
Git Initial Setup
Setting up Git User
Setting up Editor
Git Configurations


Working with Git

Working with Git
Creating a Repository
Initializing Git
Understanding .git Directory
Getting Repository Status
Tracking Files in a Repo
Adding Files to Staging Area
Removing Files from Staging Area
Committing Changes to Repo
Understanding Commit Messages
Tracking Changes
Removing Files from Repo
Understanding Gitignore
Need for Gitignore
Writing .gitignore File
Ways of Using .gitignore
Verifying Repository
View the Repository Logs
Formatting the Log Output


Git Tag

Git Tags
Understanding Git Tags
Creating Git Tag
Viewing Git Tags


Remote Repository

Working with Remote Repository
What is Remote Repository?
Need for Remote Repository
SignUp with Github
Creating Remote Repository
Working on Remote Repository
Adding Remote Repository to Local Repository
Cloning Remote Repository
Pushing Local Repository to Remote Repository
Pushing Tags from Local Repository to Remote Repository
Fetching Remote Repository
Merging Remote Repository
Pulling Remote Repository
Difference Between Fetch, Pull and Merge


Git Branches

Git Branches
What are Branches?
Use of Branches
How Git Branching Works?
Creating a Git Branch
Switching Branches
Merging Branches
Deleting Branches
Understanding Merge Conflicts
Resolving Merge Conflicts


Git Stash

Git Stashing
What is Stashing?
How to Do Git Stashing?
Listing Saved Stashes
Using Stashes
Deleting Stashes


Git Rebase

Git Rebasing
What is Rebasing?
Need for Rebasing
How to Do Git Rebasing?


Git CleanUp

Git CleanUp
Understanding Git Revert
Understanding Git Reset


You get to interact with highly experienced professionals who are AWS certified, have years of real-life projects and training experience. Moreover, Sreeprakash Neelakantan has published a book on Docker!

This is an instructor-led online course with presentation slides. Each student will be provided access to a cloud-based lab to do all the hands-on exercises.


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