Have Fun with Electronics this Summer

fun with electronics

Fun with Electronics classes! That is the ticket to keeping kids interested this summer!!

As a parent you may not be interested in your kids being programmers, computer whizzes or electronic geniuses…

But you know, they are interested in those electronic devices! In fact, you are positive they could spend hours playing games on that iPad, the computer or any other device. And if they are that passionate about playing with the device, then they should certainly be effective users and builders, don’t you think?

Kids Need to Know the Basics

They should have a basic, if not passionate understanding for how electronics work and are put together, not just the user interface knowledge that most average kids have. Your kids are extremely special and you want to give them the tools they need to develop that incredible mind of theirs.

That being said, there comes the issue of getting kids interested in electronics. How do you teach children about resistors, capacitors, transistors and current?

The answer is simple! It Lies in Having Fun with Electronics

You introduce them to electronics as you introduce them to reading, language arts and history – through play. There is no reason for science and math to be dull and boring and a children’s fun workshop in electronics makes these subjects come to life.  Yes! Kids can certainly have fun with electronics, and better still, they open their imagination to using science and math for creativity.

Who Can Learn?

This type of fun electronics class is appropriate for children ages 8 to 12. “Are you sure?” you might be asking. Yes! This is a fun and interactive electronics workshop that is designed around Snap Circuits; a fun interactive building game that allows children to build their own circuit boards, sound boards, robots and more through play.

Snap Enthralls Children

Snap is more than just a game. It teaches children the fundamentals of electronics and how devices actually function. In this workshop children learn the following things:

1- They get a realistic view of the way electronics work and learn how basic electronics work.

2- Children are introduced to basic concepts in electronics. They learn about resistors, capacitors and transistors through play.

3- Kids learn how to build a basic electronic circuit.

4- They learn about the functioning of electronic circuits that are in our everyday devices, including T.Vs, radios, speakers and more.

5- Yes! Kids can certainly have fun with electronics, and better still, open their imagination to using science and math for creativity.

6- Fun with Electronics class is designed for children ages 8 to 12.

7- Kids and instructors have fun with electronics using educational game materials like Snap

8- Learning the basics of electronics without the involvement of any hazards

Why a Workshop with Snap Fits The Bill?

fun with electronics

Kids and instructors have fun with electronics using educational game material called Snap.  This is an ideal educational game because it has real electronic circuit components that help children build real world electronic circuits.

Using Snap our instructors can teach children how to build electronic circuits through play, allowing kids to have hands-on experience with building their own electronic circuits. With Snap they can:

  • Build over 100 projects which might include a flying saucer, doorbell, a police siren, a radio, a burglar alarm or even a lie detector.
  • As children gain experience they can create adjustable light controls,  a music meter, a strobe light and more.

Bottom Line is: Kids Can Have Fun with Electronics

Snap is a fabulous teaching aid, but one that needs an instructor to show children why circuits work the way they do.  Snap paired with creative instruction offers children the chance to see how science and math work together to create all the wonderful devices we own.  Give your child a chance to learn how those fun devices are put together, what their limitations are, but also the immense world of creativity that electronics can offer.

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