Docker Getting Started - 100% Practical Instructor-Led Online Training

Docker Getting Started - 100% Practical Instructor-Led Online Training

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Docker Getting Started TOC

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Introduction to Docker

Introduction to Docker
What is Containerization?
What is Docker?
Use-cases of Docker
Docker Concepts
A brief history of Docker
Containers and Virtual Machines
Benefits of Containers
Docker Architecture
Docker Foundation
Docker Components
Understanding Docker Containers
Understanding Docker Images
Understanding Docker Layers
Architecture of Docker
Understanding Docker Client
Understanding Docker Engine/Docker Daemon
Understanding Docker Registry


Docker Setup

Platforms for Docker
Docker for Mac & Docker for Windows
Installing Docker on Mac OS
Installing Docker on Windows OS
Installing Docker on Linux OS
Manual Docker Installation
Installing Docker Using Convenience Script
Testing Docker Version
Testing Docker Installation
No 'sudo' Docker Configuration
Understanding Basic Docker Commands
Running Docker Hello-world


Working with Docker Images

Listing Docker Images
Finding Docker Images
Pulling Docker Images from Docker Repository
Inspecting Docker Images
Removing Docker Images
Docker Image CleanUp


Working with Docker Containers

Creating Containers
Docker Run in Detail
Container Lifecycle
Listing Running Containers
Listing Container Run History
Pausing Containers
UnPausing Containers
Stopping Containers
Restarting Stopped Containers
Running Commands inside Containers
Retrieving Container Logs
Starting Containers with Terminal Access
Starting Containers in Detached Mode
Container Port Mapping
Running Multiple Containers
Naming and Renaming Containers
Inspecting Containers
Removing Containers
Docker Container CleanUp


Building Custom Images

Need for Custom Images
Creating Docker Images
What is a Dockerfile?
Creating a Dockerfile
Working with Base Images
Building Custom Image from Dockerfile
Understanding Image Tags
Tagging an Image
Understanding Build Cache
Understanding Dockerfile Directives
Difference Between CMD & ENTRYPOINT
Dockerfile Best Practices


Docker Registry

Working with Docker Hub
What is Docker Hub?
Creating an Account with Docker Hub
Understanding DockerID
Creating a Docker Hub Repository
Publishing Custom Images to Docker Hub using Docker Client
Connecting GitHub to Docker Hub
Creating Automated Builds
Creating Images from Docker Containers
Working with Private Docker Registry
Need for Private Docker Registry
Setting up a Private Docker Registry
Pushing Images to the Private Registry
Configuring the Docker Client to use the Private Registry
Listing Repositories in the Private Registry


Docker Volumes

Understanding Docker Volumes
Need for Docker Volumes
Docker Volume Mount Types
Working with Different Volume Mounts


Docker Networking

Understanding Docker Container Isolation
Default Docker Networks
User-defined Networks
Docker Network Commands
Linking Containers
How Containers Communication with each other?
Advantages of User-defined Networks


Implementing MicroServices

Implementing MicroServices Architecture Using Docker
What are MicroServices?
How Docker Helps with MicroServices Architecture?
Implementing a Multi Service Application using Docker Manually
Multi-container Docker Applications with Docker Compose
What is a Docker Compose?
Advantages of Docker Compose
Installing Docker Compose
Understanding Docker Compose Files
Networking with Docker Compose
Docker Compose Commands
Using Docker Compose To Build and Use Custom Images
Implementing a Multi Service Application using Docker Compose


You get to interact with highly experienced professionals who are AWS certified, have years of real-life projects and training experience. Moreover, Sreeprakash Neelakantan has published a book on Docker!

This is an instructor-led online course with presentation slides. Each student will be provided access to a cloud-based lab to do all the hands-on exercises.


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