Become a Complete DevOps Professional

A Self-Financed Internship For Freshers to Anyone Wanting a Domain Change

This is not just another online training. This is an online empowerment plan tailored to your abilities to get you ready from a fresher to a complete DevOps professional! Are you prepared for the challenge? Apply today to begin our screening process.


An Innovative Way of Technology Empowerment!


Learn by doing

All sessions are planned to be highly practice-oriented. Our Cloud based lab lets you try out all the exercises while allowing us to monitor and evaluate your work.

Friendly trainers

We encourage you to ask questions. No doubt is too small or irrelevant. We know how important it is to provide an environment conducive to learning and experimenting, especially when the topics are challenging and expectations are high.

Real-world projects

Of course, simple exercises can help you understand the core concepts. Unless you do real-world projects, you will not know how and where these tools and technologies can be applied. This is very important to face interviews.


Hundreds of students

Our team has trained hundreds of professionals across the globe who are working in fortune 500 companies.

Range of technolgies

We work with Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt-Stack, AWS, Azure, GCP, Nagios, Git, and Jenkins. We have AWS and Chef certifications at this time.

Slack Channel

Students get access to our Slack channel which is a single place for them to share messages, tools and files. This ensures that every query is addressed without fail.

Cloud based workshop

All exercises are created to be run in a cloud-based lab environment. This will facilitate easy monitoring and assessment of your work.

Our Enrollment Process

The Complete DevOps Professional empowerment program has a 3 Stage enrollment process. This ensures that the chosen candidate is a perfect match for the rigorous 4 to 6 months session. This is a high-intensity grooming process to ready an absolute fresher into a complete professional with a high probability of being employed. However, we do not guarantee any employment assurance as part of our training.

After we receive your application we will evaluate the basic essentials and send you an aptitude test to be completed within a day.

We will give you a tiny programming assignment that you can complete in any programming language that you know.

In this stage, we will conduct an online Zoom meeting with you to assess the amount of time needed to groom you (between 4 to 6 months) and the monthly fee for the empowerment program.

Once you are enrolled, we will initiate the training process. Twice a week we will meet online to discuss the theory parts and the weekly assignments. We will closely monitor your understanding and progress so that you are always in line with the training schedule.

You will receive your experience and course completion certificate after our final assessment. Here we will ensure that you are absolutely prepared for the industry. Please note that our evaluation will be based on your continuous course participation and performance as well.

Why should you choose us?

You should invest your time and money where you can get maximum returns. Technology theory is just a part of the whole process. To gain real confidence, you need professionals with work experience guiding you - not only training experts. Companies are looking for individuals ready to perform in a real environment.

Our training program is interleaved with practical exercises and projects. In the end, we will make you design and build a real-world scenario project with proper documentation, demonstration videos, etc. so that you will be able to showcase your work experience in your resume and portfolio.


Yes, I am ready for the challenge!

Our Team

Our team is headed by Sree, with 40+ years of industry experience and multiple certifications. Along with Gayatri and Abhijith, he will coordinate all the trainings and workshops.

We will work with you

Our goal is your success; it is of utmost importance that every candidate feels comfortable with the whole process. We will strive to impart our years of experience and expertise to give continuous guidance and assess your progress through frequent evaluations.

Our automation and full-stack skills will bring clarity into why a specific tool exists. This fundamental understanding will help you relate to real-life scenarios and be able to quickly pick the relevant tool for a particular situation.

Mobirise Mobirise

Experienced & Friendly Trainers 


Gayatri S Ajith

Cloud Architect, Trainer & Consultant for AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Magento, e-Commerce & DevOps Technologies.

Gayatri has experience in training beginner & experienced professionals in DevOps, AWS, and Full-Stack development. She has conducted training online and onsite for individuals and corporates like The World Bank, VMWare, Lenox International, Ericsson, ITC Infotech, UST Global. She packs over 15+ years of expertise in Full-stack architecture, understanding of each phase in the Product Pipeline & server-side scripting. Her areas of focus are DevOps & Automation for Enterprises, Designing Auto Scaling, Self Healing Cloud Architecture. She is a former Amazon Certified Developer – Associate, Chef Basic Fluency Certified, Magento Certified Solution Specials & Magento Certified Developer Plus (Community & Enterprise Editions).


Abhijith V G

Cloud Architect, Author, Trainer & Consultant for AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Magento, IOS, Android & DevOps Technologies.

Abhi is a technology enthusiast with 10+ years of IT experience, ranging from software development to heading software divisions. In addition to being a Cloud & DevOps Architect, Abhi has imparted over 800 hours of training in DevOps, Docker, AWS and mobile related technologies and also authored technology books. He has conducted training for freshers and professionals alike both online and onsite for individuals and corporates like Oracle. His key areas of interest include Amazon AWS Cloud, Docker, DevOps & Automation, Container Clustering using Kubernetes, Automation Scripting, Cloud Architecture, and Training. He is a former Amazon Certified Developer – Associate & Magento Certified Developer Plus.

Internship Features and Pricing

Features Economy Best Value Premium
Monthly Fee (INR) (Excluding GST 18%)Rs. 5,000Rs. 12,000Rs. 20,000
Weekly Assignments
Final Project
Slack Channel
Weekly Live Group Q&A Interaction30 mins2 hours3 hours
Course Completion Certificate
Interview and Presentation Skills
Video Based Training
Experience Certificate
Upgrade or Downgrade Plan
Cloud Lab
One to One Interaction
Certificate Verification Link
Portfolio Assistance
Reference Assistance
Batch Topper 10% Refund
One Week Free Trial
Video Recording of Project Presentation
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Gallery of Events

Shows our years of active presence in the field of Information Technology

Sree @ Silicon Valley

Sreeprakash Neelekantan Interview at Startup America Lounge, TiEcon 2011

Sreeprakash Neelakantan, CEO of Schogini Inc., talks with Jeanine LeFlore at Startup America Lounge. Sreeprakash discusses the importance of knowing the technological depth that you need in order to enter into the market. He tells Jeanine what it takes to run a business... "It is a passion, money is byproduct. Passion is what drives you."

What they say about us


One of our past interns

Schogini training and internship enabled me to enter and win the Appathon competition in UK. I received appreciation from the then UK Prime Minister, David Cameron for this accolade. I'm grateful to Schogini for the opportunity and the training provided. - "Unmesh Gangadharan"

One of our past trainee

Schogini is the right place for DevOps and other cutting-edge technologies with real-time corporate professionals.
When I came to know about Schogini, honestly I didn't have much idea about the training facilities provided by the team.
So I thought it would be a better option to join here and get some knowledge about the core technologies which may help to clear interviews,  which would be a big thing for me. From day one I felt a different energetic atmosphere in the classroom.
And about the staff, all are well experienced, trained and also very much friendly to everyone, as a student which helped me a lot. The main thing is that all the syllabus covered up in a proper manner so that a student can understand each thing about the technology. Thank you team Schogini for making my career especially Sreeprakash Neelakantan, Gayatri Ajith & Abhijith V G


Roshan Roja M A R

IT Professional

Professionals We Have Trained 

We have trained professionals from world's leading organisations like these.


You can choose to discontinue the empowerment program at any time. We will issue a refund for the current month and a participation certificate for the months you have attended.

No, this is a self-financed training cum internship program. You will require to pay a fee for the months needed to undergo the training cum internship to become proficient. It could range from 4 to 6 months of training, which will involve self-learning through videos, interactive sessions, and projects.

Sorry no! This internship will significantly improve your chance of getting placed. We will provide all the technical support you might need during the placement process, like offering an experience certificate for the projects you have done, giving you a course completion certificate signed by Sree, and providing reference assistance.

After the initial theoretical training phase of the internship, we will make you do real-world projects. This is the only way to gain the much-needed confidence to exercise the knowledge you have earned. We will guide at every stage of the project execution so that you are on track. We will ensure that you document your work so that they can be added to your portfolio.

This real wold, mission critical, end to end project can give you the confidence needed to face interviews.

The cost of the internship depends on your present experience and exposure to the technology suit. The number of months we will need to ready you could range from 4 to 6 months period. We will be charging you a monthly fee for the internship payable at the start of each month.

The number of months we will need to ready you could range from 4 to 6 months based on your experience.

We will start with Linux, full-stack, and web server basics. Then move on to AWS, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Ansible, and Nagios. We will also be touching upon Azure, GCP, Chef, Puppet, and Salt-Stack.

You must be willing to spend at least 10 hours every week in addition to the 4 hours of online training and interactions. So roughly 15 hours per week is expected from you. Apart from this, you will need a good laptop with Windows 10 Professional, Mac OSX, or a Linux OS with a minimum memory of 4GB (8GB or more preferred). A good internet connection and the ability to communicate clearly in English are the other requirements. A technical graduation with good marks is of course essential to make you eligible for employments, though not considered for this internship.


Docker Fundamentals Publication by Sree

May 27, 2018



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