Mumbai Corporate Training Html5

The internet has evolved very rapidly over the past few years. New standards have emerged making it possible to do a lot more with the browser other than just displaying static web pages. In the past, html was used just for web pages but now with the introduction of html5, we can even have applications that run offline on a variety of devices. Html5 is a cross platform technology meaning that you can develop an application on one platform and deploy it on multiple other platforms without having to rewrite the entire application. Knowledge of html5 is becoming very important these days as people get the importance of deploying an app on more than one platform. In order to be good at html5, you need to get the needed training and hands on practice with the best in the field.

Mumbai Corporate Training Html5

Html5 is an emerging field that has introduced a lot of new tags and ways of doing things. With Mumbai corporate training html5 has become a must learn regardless of the platform one specializes in. as it is the De-facto platform for cross platform applications, html5 is capable of running on just about any operating system without needing you to change a single line of code. The platform is also very capable of features that traditionally needed a lot of browser plug ins in order to function. Native support for audio and video playback comes with html5 due to the new tags that have been introduced. Some other features that can be integrated into an app such as data validation has also been made quite easy as there are different input fields for email addresses, ordinary text and numbers.

With Mumbai corporate training html5, you will be able to include all these advanced features in your app with just a few lines of code. Therefore, you will need to do a lot of practice with the new tags making use of them in demo apps that you will be needed to create during the training. You will also get to learn how to make the various parts of an app work together with each other fluidly. Other features such as geolocation and offline features are also shown with real world examples. The world of html5 development is very exciting and you benefit from the fact that you can build once and deploy everywhere. You will therefore have a larger audience to sell your app to and in the end, you will be having more revenue from your apps.

Html5 is a really powerful development platform in terms of user experience. The visual appearance can be greatly enhanced by adding CSS3 to the app. This can also be used to dynamically arrange the app depending on the dimensions of the device on which it is running. This is known as responsive design. There are also many devices and platforms that support html5 so you can be assured of having your app on a large number of devices.

In conclusion, Mumbai corporate training html5 is very helpful for development on a wide array of platforms and devices.

Dubai Corporate Training Html5

Since the world wide web consortium introduced the first draft of html5, there has been increased interest in this platform. The sheer number of features that were introduced makes it a very powerful development tool. For a start, it is capable of running on a wide array of devices meaning that you are not locked out of any platform merely because of the language you are using. As a matter of fact, you are given more power to create more powerful apps. These apps can run natively or as a web app in the web browser of the device it is running in.

Dubai Corporate Training Html5

Getting a basic knowledge of html5 for those who have experience with the previous versions of html and starting from the very basics for new learners is a very wise decision to make. In order to get to know the intricacies of this new platform, it is recommended that you get the best training there is. Getting trained by people who have had some experience with the platform can really help you learn the most relevant and practical aspects of html5. With Dubai corporate training html5, you get to be taught by the experts in the field while working on real world projects at the same time. These practical sessions give you some insight as to how things are done with html5. You get to implement the new features of html5 and test those features on a variety of devices and platforms. It does not matter whether you are a completely new learner or one with a basic knowledge of html5. The classes are designed to suit anyone who wishes to learn the language and have a gentle learning curve. However, the things that you get to learn are quite powerful and can be used to do a wide array of things on multiple projects.

Once you are done with the Dubai corporate training html5, you are in a position to create applications that can run on many different devices and platforms. This means that your market is virtually limitless as you can deploy even to the devices that have not been manufactured yet. Development on html5 relieves you from the worry of having to think about device and platform fragmentation. You can create apps that have a wide array of features without having to worry about where they will be run.

Html5 development does not mean that the apps will only run online. As a matter of fact, you can create apps that are completely offline and standalone. The development process is quite simple and with the right Dubai corporate training html5, you will be ready to go in just a few lessons. The training is very important as it shows you exactly how to go about implementing a feature in your app.

To sum it all up in a few words, Dubai corporate training html5 is the training that you need in order to start development of html5 apps that will set you forth on a career path that will suit you for a long time to come.

Bangalore corporate Training Html5

Html5 is one technology that has taken the entire development and internet world by storm. Things that required plug ins and add ons to achieve with the older version of html can now be done with the addition of a few lines of code. This level of control and efficiency could only be dreamt about a few years back. Being a new technology, it is important that you grasp the basic concepts of the app in order to be up to date with this new technology. There are many ways in which you can do this but perhaps the best way is through the Bangalore corporate training html5. With this training, you are assured of grasping the basic and advanced concepts and actually using them in real world projects.

Bangalore corporate Training Html5

Having html5 skills is a basic requirement for most development jobs out there and having the skills can be quite a good addition on your CV. With Bangalore corporate training html5, you are able to make a complete app right from the design to the deployment stage.

  • Design : In the design stage, you get to sketch how the app will look like. This sketching is done using wire frames or even photoshop mock ups. These mock ups are very important as they help you to visualize how the final app will look like. This comes in very handy in the real world as you can present wire frames to your clients for approval on the design before you have written even a single line of code. Once the designs are complete, it is now time to move on to the next stage with confidence.
  • Development : This is the next stage that is taught in the Bangalore corporate training for html5. You get to actually make use of the html5 tags in your app development environment which is commonly made up of a code editor and a browser for visualizing the changes. You also get to spruce up the look of your app with CSS3 which has descriptive features and helps you to define the appearance of html elements in terms of properties such as color, font and so on. The functionality of the app is done using JavaScript. JavaScript is quite a powerful scripting language which can be actually used to make your app behave as if it were a native app. Once the development is done, you are ready to do a bit of testing.
  • Testing : As with any other kinds of apps, html5 apps also need to be tested. The testing process is quite tedious and involves a variety of tools and techniques. You will need to package your app for the various platforms that you are targeting and install it on the various devices. This greatly helps you to weed out any bugs in the app before you release it. At Bangalore corporate training html5, testing is an area that is really emphasized because of its importance.

The final stage after testing is simply releasing the app and there are a number of methods that are taught at the Bangalore corporate training html5. Once you are through with this, you are ready to take on html5 projects with courage.

Mumbai html5 Mobile Development

Almost all areas of life nowadays involve a mobile device in one way or the other. For instance, most websites that have a mobile site tend to get more traffic and a higher level of user engagement as compared to those that do not have a mobile app. Having a mobile app makes ones users relate better with them and even attracts a better public relation with people. People also tend to use their mobile devices for a longer time than their computers or laptops. Having a mobile app is therefore becoming more of a necessity than as choice given the current trend of things.

Mumbai html5 Mobile Development

Mumbai html5 mobile development has everything to do with mobile devices and apps. Html5 mobile apps are targeted for a wide range of devices all of which have different specifications and features. The need of using html5 for mobile development is growing as the device fragmentations continues to become more of a headache with each passing day. There are a lot of devices in the market place nowadays and users all have different tastes and preferences. Users buy different devices and would like to have apps running on them that will help in their daily operations and improve the quality of their lives.

Taking into consideration all the different devices being used out there, it is wise to resort to a development technology that takes care of the differences in device specifications and operating systems. Html5 is the king when it comes to cross platform development and this is usually the best choice for most people. Not only does it accommodate a wide range of different devices, but it also fits the app content and scales automatically to make the most use of the screen space available. This means that people using mobile devices with larger screens will have more content shown to them at a time as compared to the ones that have smaller devices. However, both groups will still have the same consistent user experience in terms of the location of content and how it displays on the device.
Html5 is still an emerging technology but the potential of this new technology just cannot be ignored. In just a short time, html5 has revolutionized the way in which content is accessed and how apps are built. Mumbai html5 mobile development takes advantage of this to provide cutting edge applications for mobile devices in just a short period of time.

The use of html5 for mobile development does away with the need to have additional apps in order to have a rich user experience. With the video and audio encoder that come in built into the technology, multimedia content can easily be integrated into an app. Other features that can be utilized into html5 mobile apps include geolocation and offline storage. The opportunities are just vast and the potential is virtually limitless. Making use of Mumbai html5 mobile development will ensure that one stays current with the technology and gets the bes value for their money.

Mumbai html5 App Development

Apps have permeated every part of our lives. There is an app for virtually every aspect of human life with more being developed each day. An app usually starts with an idea or a concept. This is the requirements of the app. For the idea to be transformed into a working app, there is a good deal of design, planning and development involved. Have you ever wondered what is involved in the development of an app? You may even be having some ideas yourself that you wish to turn into working apps someday. The good news is that it is actually possible to turn those ideas that you have into working apps thanks to Mumbai html5 app development.

Mumbai html5 App Development

Mumbai html5 app development is responsible for turning ideas which are in the form of user requirements into apps that are capable of running on a variety of mobile devices. There has been a lot of different devices being manufactured and this usually poses a hurdle to most developers. You may want your app to run on different devices each having different features and specifications. In order to accomplish this, you will need to make use of a technology that is capable of running on many platforms without a hitch.

The apps also need to run fast and efficiently on all these devices. This means that the app has to be light enough to run smoothly without hogging the performance of the device. Additionally, you may wish to have other special features inbuilt into your app. The development process will note down all these requirements before the initial designs are made. Once all the requirements have been captured, it is now time to get to the actual design and development. Design usually involves making mock ups of the app running on different devices and tweaking these designs in order to achieve the perfect look.

User experience is an integral part of any app and has to be taken very seriously. This is what happens with Mumbai html5 app development in order to ensure the best quality and attractiveness of apps.

The development phase of a html5 app is very tedious and time consuming but this is usually made shorter when the developers are working as a team. A team of developers is usually assigned an app to work on and the modules making up the app are coded by individual members of the team. In the end, a working prototype of the app is ready to be taken on a test drive.

The app has to be tested on a variety of devices each running a different operating system and different configurations. This ensures that the features that have been incorporated into the app are working properly and your idea has been captured clearly. Some additional changes mat be made into the app in order to achieve perfect performance and the user interface is also polished to make the app look better. The app is then ready to be released to the various app stores for millions of smart phone users around the world to download and install on their devices. Simply, that is the entire process of Mumbai html5 app development from the beginning right up to the end.

Converting HTML to XML

HTML and XML are two distinct concepts in the tree of markup languages. You can’t exactly replace HTML with XML . XML can be viewed as a generalized form of HTML, but even that is imprecise. You mainly use HTML to display data, and XML to carry(or store) the data.

Using robots.txt to define rules for Web Crawlers or Spiders

There several reasons and scenarios which arise to control the access of the web robots or web crawlers or simple spiders, to our website. Like  Google-bot (Google Spider) visiting our website,  spam bots too will visit. Spam bots usually visit and collect private information from our website. When a robot crawls our website it uses a considerable amount of the website’s bandwidth too! It is easy to control robots by disallowing the access of the web robots to our website through the usage of a simple ‘robots.txt’ file.

Creating a robots.txt:

Open a new File in any Text Editor Like Notepad.

The rules in the robots.txt file are entered in a ‘field’: ‘value’ pair.


Can have possible two values: allow or disallow for a particular URL


An URL or URI that the access or rule is specified.


User-agent: *
Disallow: /private-folder


If  we want to exclude all the search engine robots from indexing our entire website , then do enter the following into the robots.txt file:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

If we want to exclude all the bots from a certain directory within our website, we would write the following:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /aboutme/

For multiple directories, we add on similar Disallow values

User-agent: *
Disallow: /aboutme/
Disallow: /stats/

Access to specific documents can also be specifoed.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /myFolder/name_me.html

If we want to disallow a specific search engine bot from indexing our website,

User-agent: Robot_Name
Disallow: /

Advantages of Using Robots.txt:

  • Avoid Wastage of Server Resources
  • Save Bandwidth
  • Removes Clutter and complexity from Web Statistics and more smooth anlytics
  • Refusing a specific Robots

Common Errors and mistakes in robots.txt:

  1. It is not Guaranteed to Work
    Instead use .htaccess file in combination with .htpasswd
  2. It is not a method to protect Secret Directories
    Any bot or agent can access robots.txt. Don’t put any secret directories or files in it.
  3. Only One Directory/File per Disallow line

The rules are singular in sense. One rules or fields contains only one value.

What is XHTML


XHTML stands for EXtensible HyperText Markup Language.

• Stricter and cleaner version of HTML.
• Combination of HTML and XML (EXtensible Markup Language).
• XHTML consists of all the elements in HTML 4.01, combined with the strict syntax of XML.

Difference between HTML and XHTML

• XHTML elements must be properly nested

Eg: <b><i>This text is bold and italic</i></b>

• XHTML elements must always be closed

Eg: <p>This is another paragraph</p>

A break: <br /> :

• XHTML elements must be in lowercase

Eg: <body>

<p>This is a paragraph</p>


• XHTML documents must have one root element



<head> ... </head>

<body> ... </body>


Mandatory XHTML Elements

All XHTML documents must have a DOCTYPE declaration. The html, head, title, and body elements must be present.

This is an XHTML document with a minimum of required tags:

<!DOCTYPE Doctype goes here>

<html xmlns="">


<title>Title goes here</title>