How to get product currency short name in WooCommerce

In order to get product currency short name like USD, GBP, etc., you can you the following function: get_option(‘woocommerce_currency’)

In order to print currency symbol, you can you following function:


Or if you want to print a specific currency symbol, for example, US Dollar, you can use following function:


How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Rankings

Name Your Images Descriptively and in Plain English
Creating descriptive, keyword-rich file names is absolutely crucial for image optimization. Search engines not only crawl the text on your webpage, but they also search for keywords within your image file names

Let’s use this image as an example:

suzuki stringray 2013 red

You could use the generic name that your camera gave to the image such as DCMIMAGE10.jpg. However, it would be much better to name the file: 2013-Suzuki-Stingray-Red.jpg

Optimize Your Alt Tags Intelligently
The alt attribute also adds SEO value to your website. Adding appropriate alt tags to the images on your website can help your website achieve better rankings in the search engines by associating keywords with images.
<img src = “2013-Suzuki-Stingray-Red.jpg” alt = “2013 Suzuki Stingray red”>
Describe your images in plain English, just like you do for image file names. If you sell products that have model number or serial numbers, use them in your alt tag.

Reduce the File Sizes of Your Images
Consider this:
1. Most consumers wait about 3 seconds for a website to load on a desktop or laptop.
2….and about 5 seconds on their mobile device.
3. Amazon found that if their pages slow down by 1 second, they lose $1.6 billion a year.
4. Google uses page load time as a factor in their ranking algorithm.

So What Do You Do?
Decrease the size of the image files on your webpage and increase page load speed.
One way you can reduce image file size is by using the “Save for Web” command in Adobe Photoshop.

Know Which Image File Type to Use for the Right Situations
There are three common file types that are used to post images. These are JPEG, GIF, and PNG.
For most ecommerce situations – JPEGs will be your best bet. They provide the best quality and the smallest file size.
Never use GIFs for large product images. The file size will be very large and there is no good way to reduce it. Use GIFs for thumbnails and decorative images.
PNGs can be a good alternative to both JPEGs and GIFS. If you are only able to get product photos in PNG format, try using PNG-8 over PNG-24. PNGs excel at simple decorative images because of their extremely small file size.

Use Image Site Maps
If your site uses JavaScript galleries, image pop-ups or other “flashy” ways to improve the overall shopping experience – Google image site maps will help you get your images noticed by Google.
Web crawlers can’t crawl images that are not called out in the webpage source code. So in order to let them know about these images, you must list their location in an image site map.

Mumbai WordPress App Developer

WordPress is an online content management platform that is run on PHP and MySQL technologies. It can be used for basic content management but perhaps a more important feature of WordPress is its ability to be customized in order to add some extra user defined functionality into the application. It is very usable and features a work flow which is very user friendly in addition to a rich and dynamic architecture. It is this architecture that makes the wordpress platform so powerful as compared to the others. WordPress is built according to the latest web standards meaning that an app that is developed using wordpress will definitely be relevant in the current web scenario. WordPress also features an advanced templating system. In case you would like to have a wordpress app developed for you in order to serve your needs in one way or another, you can always rely on a Mumbai wordpress app developer.

Mumbai WordPress App DeveloperThe developer will not only provide you with an amazing application, but also modify the application as per your needs making use of plug ins and themes. These features are very powerful and when utilized in the right manner, can result into an application that is loved and used by everybody. Most of the internet traffic has been established to originate from WordPress sites and apps. This means that there is a huge presence of this platform and it can be used to leverage the power of thus huge presence in order to grow your business and get you more customers.

One very wonderful feature of this platform that every Mumbai wordpress app developer loves is the fact that it comes with search engine optimization features included by default. This means that a wordpress app can be optimized for quick discoverability hence bringing it to prospective customers in just a few clicks. Ranking highly on search engines tends to boost the confidence of online visitors in your web app. There is also the added advantage of getting more traffic which results into more customers hence giving you an opportunity to make more revenue from your wordpress app.

A Mumbai wordpress app developer is also very well versed in wordpress plug in development and this always comes in very handy when you wish to have a unique feature in your app. This unique app can be a great selling point as people are always looking for those very innovative ways of solving something. People will always look for a developer who is able to demonstrate an intimate knowledge of the wordpress platform and the things that are involved.

Monetizing a wordpress app is also a very simple thing as all that is needed is an extra plug in for monetization which can be in the form of ads or purchases. These purchases are processed by a number of plug ins which can be downloaded from the internet or developed by the Mumbai wordpress app developer. This means that there is always a way of the app making money as long as it has been designed with usability in mind and can solve a need for the user.

Dubai WordPress App Developer

The wordpress platform is one of the largest internet platforms currently. A huge portion of the traffic on the internet comes from apps and sites that are based on the wordpress platform. This presents a huge opportunity for developer who would like to leverage this powerful platform for their apps. Apps that are built on the wordpress platform are usually highly scalable and very powerful in terms of the sheer scale of the internet and the audience that is looking for content from wordpress apps and sites.

Dubai WordPress App Developer

One very powerful feature of the wordpress platform is the level of control that the developer is given. The creativity of the Dubai wordpress app developer is not stifled but instead, it is magnified and enhanced with the ability to have custom features into the app by making use of plug ins in the app. Search engine optimization on this platform is also made very simple as the platform was developed with that in mind and it can therefore be a lucrative way of getting more organic traffic to your app. Content on your app can be shared on the social sharing sites very easily by simply making use of a simple plug in which makes the process of sharing seamless and painless for the developer. People will always love using your app and you can always add more features as you wish given the flexibility of the platform.

User interface issues and other problems are now a thing of the past with the wordpress platform. Based on html5 which is a very versatile platform itself, wordpress gives the developer the freedom to exercise their creativity and get their artistic juices flowing with a very easy to use UI development library. The user interfaces made are also very easy to use as they have been designed from the very beginning with usability in mind. This means that the apps will be easy to use for the end user and with the very responsive user interface, a Dubai wordpress app developer does not have to worry about the different screen sizes and configurations of the devices the app will be running on. In terms of color, wordpress has an inbuilt color library that is powered by CSS allowing the developer to have as wide a range of colors as they could possibly wish. Colors can therefore be tweaked and moved around in order to have the best user interface that will leave users coming back to the app time and again.

There is also a huge availability of themes that can be added onto the app in order to relieve the developer of the burden of mixing and matching colors for the app. These themes are widely available on the internet so the developer does not have to go through the entire process of creating a new theme unless it is absolutely necessary. The developer can also create their own custom made plug ins in order to include some very unique functionality into their app. In short a Dubai wordpress app developer has a lot of tools availed to them for their app development.

Bangalore wordpress app developer

The internet has been growing at a very fast rate. Keeping up with this rate of growth has required people to come up with more dynamic ways of managing content that grows over time and is of a varied nature. For example, most web pages and other content on the internet is comprised of not only text, but also video, audio and images. The internet medium has been applied in different ways and one of the most successful has been the use of mobile device to present content to the user. Mobile devices have a major advantage in that they are able to be moved around making them a very convenient choice for most people. People want to access information regardless of their location and this has been made possible through the use of apps.

The most common apps that utilize the internet are based on the wordpress platform. This is a very versatile platform that is quite capable of handling the content needs of various apps. A professional Bangalore wordpress app developer is typically responsible for creating mobile apps and other kinds of web applications that leverage the wordpress platform because of its flexibility and high adaptability. There are a lot of applications that can be built on the wordpress platform so the developer is not limited as to the type of application he or she can create.

Bangalore WordPress App Developer

The high availability of plug ins that can be utilized in just about any kind of project also makes this a platform of choice for the professional Bangalore wordpress app developer. The plug ins come in very handy when the developer wishes to include an extra feature into the app which could typically take weeks to develop from scratch. This is very helpful even in reducing the time it takes to build a typical wordpress app as the building blocks are already available and all the developer needs to do is decide on the ones they will be using for a particular project and incorporate these into their app as they see best. Actually, the plug ins may need a bit of refinement later on but a Bangalore wordpress app developer is well adapted to the platform and can always customize the plug ins in order to fit their exact needs as stipulated in the requirements for that particular project.

There are also other features such as themes which make optimizing the user interface and the user experience quite a breeze. Themes are carefully designed to adapt themselves to the project and even change the look of the widgets inside the app in order to have a consistent look and feel which goes a long way towards achieving a fantastic user experience. Themes are also responsive and very fluid making the app work in the same way regardless of the device where it is one be it a tablet with a big screen size or the typical smart phone with a small screen.

In short, a Bangalore wordpress app developer has all it takes to utilize the wordpress platform in order to have amazing apps developed in a short time span.

WordPress App Developer : Responsibilities

WordPress is one of the most popular content management and blogging platforms on the internet. A huge portion of the traffic on the internet is from WordPress sites. It acts as a stable platform for designing web applications. Mobile web applications built on the WordPress platform have the added advantage of being stable and very extensible. Thanks to the thousands of themes and plugins, a web application can have any functionality that one wishes to have. This may range from such things such as ecommerce, social networking, multimedia and even geo-location.The themes can be used to create the interface of the WordPress app thus bringing out the brand image of the business or company. Themes also enhance the user experience on the app and make the users love the app more. It is important to have the best team of professionals developing the WordPress app for someone as they are the authority when it comes to WordPress development.

Wordpress app developer

WordPress app developer


A WordPress app developer is mainly responsible for integrating the different modules that work in the app and ensuring that these modules work together in sync to achieve the overall goal of the WordPress app. The WordPress app may be an ecommerce app integrating various payment methods together in one checkout system. It may also be a social networking app that brings together people with similar interests together sharing ideas and multimedia. The main idea here is that there is no limit as to what WordPress can do and the apps that can be built on this platform are practically unlimited.
A WordPress app developer has an extensive knowledge of the platform and they can break down an app into the constituent parts in order to have a deeper understanding of it. They are also very good at creating custom themes and plugins. They can create plugins from scratch or leverage the existing ones in order to have a fully customized WordPress app for the user. This knowledge requires years of experience and constant updating in terms of the latest standards and practices.
The WordPress app developer also needs to work with other members of the development team in order to develop a comprehensive web app. The other people that the developer will work with includes:-

  • Graphic designers
  • Content curators
  • Project managers
  • UX engineers

These people work together in order to ensure that each aspect of the WordPress app is properly built to conform to the latest industry standards. A WordPress app developer is also responsible for pre-launch testing to ensure that the integration of the various modules is working properly. The testing phase is also necessary to prevent last minute modifications once the web app has been deployed. The developer also offers advice on the best platform and hosting options available for the app. This is very important depending on the number of people who will be accessing the app at the same time.

In conclusion, a WordPress app developer is the person responsible for ensuring that a WordPress app is built according to the latest standards and works accordingly.

Using Aweber Params Shortcode – Schogini Plugin in WordPress

The use of Aweber Params Shortcode by Schogini in wordpress is simple. This plugin is used to get the user details like name or email from the Aweber signup form and use it inside your redirection pages. This can be accomplished by using short codes.


The short code which will embed the name parameter is . If you want to embed the email parameter, then you have to use the short code, .


Also you have to add the redirection page URLs (where you want to embed the shortcode) in the Aweber Params settings section. Here you have the option to add at least 5 URLs. While adding the URL’s you have to make sure that you are adding the page url with out the domain name as its part. e.g. : confirmation-page/ , if your URL is


You have to make sure that you use these short codes in the text mode and not visual mode of the wordpress page or post.

That’s it. You will find the plugin here :

.htaccess password protection gives 404 Page Not Found Error

You can password protect a folder by adding a .htaccess file with the following lines:

AuthName "Secret Space"
AuthUserFile path/to/the/user/password/file
AuthType Basic
require valid-user

Sometimes, when the password protected folder is a sub-directory and, the parent folder has a .htaccess file that uses the rewrite engine, you may get a 404 Page Not Found error when you browse the protected sub-folder. WordPress users will especially notice this when they try to password protect a sub-folder. One way to solve this issue is to add 2 lines to the beginning of the protected folder’s .htaccess file. So, the final file will look like this:

ErrorDocument 401 default
ErrorDocument 403 default
AuthName "band"
AuthUserFile /home/wwst/.htpasswds/public_html/band/passwd
AuthType Basic
require valid-user

This should solve the page not found errors!

Confirmation of Home Page in WordPress

is_front_page() returns true when on the site front page (what is commonly referred to as the “home” page).
is_front_page() returns true when on the site front page, whether the front page is set to display the Blog Posts Index or a static Page.
is_home() returns true when displaying the Blog Posts Index.
is_home() returns true when displaying the Blog Posts Index, whether on the Front Page, or on a static Page.