iPhone App Development Workshop in Singapore – Secrets of iPhone Application Development Revealed!

Schogini in association with Giann Pte Ltd is organising a 4 hour incredible iPhone App Mastery Workshop in Singapore. This is one of it’s kind Mobile Programming Workshop in Singapore that can take you to the next level.

You can learn How to build an iPhone game in just 4 Hours. Moreover you get a fully working kit of a game that is live in Google Play. Schogini has created 450+ live apps, from Chess to Khet! You can now learn it from the most prolific app developer. You will get to directly experience our team’s exceptional capability to groom you into a world class professional in a short span. Our intern Unmesh Gangadharan was trained by us on mobile programming during his internship, he went on to receive the best app award and appreciation from UK Prime Minister David Cameroon.

Do not miss this rare opportunity to upgrade your programming skills to reach to the next level: The iPhone and iPad Application Development! Register Now! http://ub.schogini.com/iPhone-app-development-training-learn/

select a circle shape exactly in photoshop

Mark the top edge of the circle shape using ‘Single row marquee tool’ and left edge using ‘Single column marquee tool’ . make sure that selection mode at the top is add. The sample image is shown below.

Now locate the intersection of two lines. Choose ‘Elliptical marquee tool’. Change selection mode at the top to selection .Click and drag at the intersection point holding shift key over the circle shape.