Mumbai Corporate Training on Mobile Games

Mobile games are an exciting way of making money and the market is large. For instance, consider this scenario, you may only need one app for email, one calculator, one weather app or even one facebook app. However, with games you always want to play more and more each day. Games are like movies in the sense that their demand never decreases and people will keep on buying as long as there are new games being released. Learning how to make mobile games is therefore a very good way of making money as you get to monetize the game in various ways as outlined below:-

Mumbai Corporate Training on Mobile Games

  • Direct sales : selling the mobile game directly to the user at a one time fee is a very good way of making money from the mobile game. You earn a certain amount of money for each download that is made and this is very lucrative for you as a mobile game developer. However, this form of monetization is a one time thing and you do not get to make more money in the course of the lifetime of the game if you do not opt for other means of making money.
  • Advertising : this is the most popular form of making money with mobile games where the users get to download the game for free. When they are playing, ads are shown in places such as at the end of a level or in the game over screen. Ads will keep on earning you money as long as the app is in use and you only need to push updates to the free app in order to get more downloads and add more levels and features in the game. Integrating ads in your game is shown practically in the Mumbai corporate training on mobile games and you get to know exactly where and how to include the ads.
  • In-app purchases : games usually have content within them that can be sold for a fee. For example, there may be some levels that may need extra resources to win the level. These items may be sold to the user as an in-app purchase and earns the developer a certain amount of money. Virtual goods inside the game are very good as they add to the gaming experience. This is all taught to you in the Mumbai corporate training on mobile games and you are shown exactly how to include this in your game.

Having known how to monetize your mobile game, you have an opportunity to make money with your mobile game. This is a source of income for you and you do not need to struggle making games with no options for making money. This should be an inspiration enough for you to sign up for the training and get to make money on mobile games as other people are doing. The skills that you gain are priceless as you can apply them in other areas of programming. The artificial intelligence you learn can also be used in apps that are for research purposes. So get the skills and start earning a living today!!

Mumbai Corporate Training Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are being downloaded every day. Did you know that for every app that is downloaded, the developer earns some money. Well, this is usually the case and as a matter of fact, most developers use mobile apps as a source of livelihood. Apps can be developed in a matter of a few weeks provided you have gotten the skills required in order to make the app. In order to gain these skills, you need to get some training and what training is better than getting trained by the best in the field? Learning from people who have experience developing for mobile means that you get some practical training on skills that you will actually get to apply in the real world developing apps. Mumbai corporate training mobile apps is one place where you are assured of quality training.

Mumbai Corporate Training Mobile Apps

Mumbai corporate training mobile apps gives you the practical skills that you will actually get to apply in the development scene. You will develop apps on a computer and run them on either an emulator or a real device. In the case of Mumbai corporate training mobile apps, you get access to test devices where you actually run your apps and see how they are running and behaving. This can be very practical for apps that are not able to run or render properly on the emulator as they can be run on the device and render as intended. Other apps are also unable to run on an emulator as they make use of cloud services that are only accessible from actual physical devices. Getting real devices to test your apps on therefore comes in very handy for the mobile apps that you will be getting to develop.

You will not only how to develop apps, but also the design and planning of these apps. Design comes in very handy when you are required to show a mock up to the client. These mock ups also help you to develop the app in a user friendly manner and give your app an amazing user experience. User experience is all too important in the mobile apps development world as you will be expected to develop apps that are as per the guidelines set by the respective platforms and ensure that the look and feel of your app is consistent.

In addition to design, Mumbai corporate training on mobile apps also shows you how to implement the business logic of your app. This is the core of your app and determines how your app will run and behave on the actual device. This is usually determined by the needs and requirements of the client although implementing certain features is standard practice on a particular platform. Once the core of your app has been implemented, you need to include a feature of monetization on the app. Monetization is also taught at Mumbai corporate training for mobile apps and you will learn how to make your mobile apps earn you revenue over the course of their usage. In conclusion, learning with the best is key to getting the appropriate skills required to develop mobile apps.

Dubai Corporate Training for Mobile Games Development

Mobile games are an exciting venture for developers. People have been observed to spend more time on games as compared to apps. This gives the developer a wide range of ways in which to make money from their games. A knowledge of mobile game development is therefore very handy for those who wish to make a living making mobile games and selling them. Games are very good as a mode of earning income and can be done by anyone after getting the right kind of training.

Dubai corporate training for mobile games development gives you the knowledge and skills required in order to make exciting and engaging mobile games that will make it big on the app stores. This training is comprised of a variety of knowledge areas such as mathematics, physics and artificial intelligence. You also get to learn about algorithms and how they are used in mobile games. Let us take a look at how the areas of knowledge mentioned above are appropriate in a game scenario.

1. Mathematics

Mathematics is very applicable in mobile games. There are a number of calculations that have to be made in the course of the game such as the position of characters in the game, scores and so on. With a solid knowledge of mathematics especially algebra and matrices, you can handle just about any computation needed in your mobile game.

2. Artificial intelligence

Dubai corporate training mobile games also involves a number of concepts in artificial intelligence. Games are usually designed to be challenging and this relies on input from the user which cannot be determined before the game is played. The game therefore needs to adapt itself to a certain level of difficulty depending on the degree of skill of the player. This requires artificial intelligence in which the game emulates the thinking behavior of a human being in order to make the game challenging and fun enough to play. Your game needs this in order to make it on the app store and keep the players engaged for long enough in order to make money from them.

3. Physics

Most games usually emulate real world concepts and behavior. This includes the realistic movement of objects inside the game as is dictated by real world factors such as gravity and friction. Your game has to emulate this behavior in order to be realistic enough. A game that applies the concepts of physics are more fun to play and the user will be more engaged on them.

4. Algorithms

Programming for mobile games is different from programming for mobile apps and other kinds of games. You will be taught how to optimize your code in order to make the best use of the limited resources that are available to the mobile device. Dubai corporate training mobile games makes use of advanced algorithms in order to have the best level of game play.

You are taught by software engineers and game developers who have vast experience in the field so you will be assured of learning from the best. This is all you need in order to start making money with mobile games.

Dubai Corporate Training Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the hot thing at the moment. There are many people who are now earning a full time pay from mobile apps. Well, you too can start developing mobile apps right after you have undergone the right kind of training. With Dubai corporate training, you get to learn from the best in mobile apps design and development on a wide range OS platforms. There are a number of things ranging from planning, design up to the final release of the app. Let us take a look at what you will be learning in brief and the importance of learning from the best.

Dubai Corporate Training Mobile Apps

1. Planning

Apps usually arise from ideas. These ideas may be your own or from a client who would like you to develop and app for them. Planning involves organizing these ideas in such a manner that you will be able to filter out the features that are unnecessary and leave only the most important features for the first version of your app. At Dubai corporate training mobile apps, you will be taught how to priorities features into the most important ones and the ones that will be in the first version and identifying those features that will be in later versions of the app. You also get to learn to identify what you will be working with in terms of APIs and web services if any.

2. Design

This is a very important part of the development as it is what will be approved by the client before you even get to write a single line of code. You will be taught how to design user interfaces that are basically mock ups of the final version of the app. These mock ups are usually presented to the necessary stakeholders and once they have been approved, you are ready to move on to the next stage. You will get to be taught how to simulate different screen sizes and orientations in your designs for the app responsiveness to be emulated.

3. Development

Depending on the mobile platform you have selected, you will be taught a particular native language for the platform or a cross platform technology that can be used across all platforms. You will learn how to use various tools and technologies to make your app actually work and run on a device. In the development stage, you will be taught using real examples and you actually get to write code on your computer and run the app on a real device or an emulator in order to see how it works. In Dubai corporate training mobile apps, you actually get to test the app on a variety of test devices and see the differences that exit between each one.

Once you are done developing and testing your app, there is usually a process involved in order to get the app on the app store. You need to sign the app in order to prevent tampering once the app has been released. You are then shown how to submit your app and at this point you get to open a developer account so that you can get to release your own apps.

Importance of a Bangalore Google Play App Developer

The Google play market has become the most popular app store for android apps. This has been attributed to the fact that it is backed by Google and always gets the best engineers working on it. The other factor would be the huge presence of android powered devices in every part of our lives, from mobile phones, tablets, television sets and even toasters. This means that the opportunity for android apps is growing at a very fast pace. Have you ever wondered how an app is developed from the very first stage to the time it is released on the Google play store? Well, there are a number of things that are involved and they have to go in the proper manner for the final app to be a success. Not only is the app development process very important, but it also acts as a guideline for a Bangalore Google play app developer to create apps of a high quality within a short period of time. Let us look at the steps involved and what role the developer plays in each step.

Importance of a Bangalore Google Play App Developer

Importance of a Bangalore Google Play App Developer

  • Concept Stage : This is the very first stage in the development process. Every app has to arise from an idea or a need that needs to be addressed. Having an idea is a good thing, but turning this idea into something that is both realistic and usable has to involve the Bangalore Google play app developer. The developer will listen to the app idea or the solution that needs to be turned into an app. He will then ask a few questions in order to clarify the points maybe he did not understand or would like to get more information about. The features that are requested are also classified in order of priority and ease or urgency. This makes it easy for the developer to make the app in a reasonable time frame without having to deal with a feature creep.
  • Design Stage : The app idea is then taken to the next stage where user interface designers are tasked with turning the idea into a visual concept. The Bangalore Google play app developer has to be involved in order to determine which sections of the user interface are workable and which ones are not. Once this is done, the main task of the developer comes to the fore front.
  • Development Stage : This is the most important stage in developing an app for the Google play store. The development stage involves a number of tools and techniques all of which are in the knowledge area of the developer. He needs to turn the designs into working apps. This is accomplished through the use of software development kits such as Eclipse and Android Studio. The developer also makes use of emulators and real device in the development process in order to test the app for bugs and iron them out before they are released to the app store. Before releasing the app, it has to be signed and this is also done by the developer.

So in short, that is the entire development process of an android app and the importance of involving a Google play app developer in every step of the process.

Bangalore Corporate Training Mobile Games

Mobile games are some of the most popular content on app stores. The main reason for this is the fun factor in games. Games are fun and interesting and can get the player quite engaged and entertainment. In order to develop games, you need to get some training that will get you started on a career path that is full of fun and profit. Games make more money than apps in the app stores and they usually get more downloads. This means that as a game developer, you will have the opportunity to make much more money than on the mobile apps. The best place that you would get training that actually works in the real development world is definitely Bangalore corporate training mobile games. With this hands on training, you get to acquire lots of skills in just a short period of time. Usually, you will be working on brief game demos that are used to demonstrate a certain aspect of game development.

Bangalore Corporate Training Mobile Games

In addition to game development, you also get to learn more about designing games and generating the content that will be used in the game such as sound effects, levels and graphics. A game is usually made up of a number of elements which are combined together to create the ultimate gaming experience. You will be taught how to create or obtain these elements and include them in your app. This makes your app more enjoyable and fun to play for the end users.

Monetization is a very sensitive issue especially when it comes to mobile games. At Bangalore corporate training mobile games, you are shown the various ways in which your app can make money. You are also taught how to use these methods of revenue generation in the right manner. This has to be in a way that does not get in the way of the player and adds to the user experience in the game. Making money on mobile games comes in many forms. There are actually more ways in which you can make money on mobile games than on apps. The methods of making money include:

  • Direct sales : The user gets to pay for the app when they are downloading it. This is usually a one time fee and only earns you money once.
  • Ads : Ads are usually shown to the user in between the levels and at the end of the game. It is not a good idea to have ads in the middle of the game as it interrupts normal game play.
  • In -app purchase : You can always add some virtual goods inside your game which you get to sell at a fee and in the process earn some extra money. This is a good way of earning from the app as long as it is being used and it actually adds to the gaming experience.

Having known how to make money with mobile games in the Bangalore corporate training mobile games, you will be in a position to make loads of cash making and deploying engaging and interactive games that are of a high standard.

Bangalore Corporate Training Mobile Apps

Apps are the latest trend on the technology scene and from the look of things, they are here to stay. Nowadays, the demand for a variety of apps is growing every day. Businesses need apps in order to perform their daily functions and increase their productivity. They usually have a variety of functionality integrated into the apps but before we get ahead of ourselves, let us look at how you can get to develop mobile apps. Bangalore corporate training mobile apps comes in handy to get you up and developing apps for mobile phones. You will get to make use of the features in the mobile device such as the accelerometer, the GPS and even the magnetometer. Apps can use a variety of features and all these are taught in a practical sense at Bangalore corporate training mobile apps.

Bangalore Corporate Training Mobile Apps

Mobile apps sometimes need to work together with the cloud. You can either choose to use the existing cloud services and in some cases, you can choose to create your very own web service which will be customized to your need and to communicate with your mobile apps. This may be applicable in a business scenario where the people need to have control over their own data or a high degree of security which is not typically available with cloud services that are meant for public use. However, the cloud training will take some more time so it is much better to start of learning the typical clouds that are existing and learn to create your own back end with time.

Typically, you will be working on a project of your own choice during the Bangalore corporate training mobile apps and you get to implement the features you are taught one after the other. There will be tutors available to help you in case you hit a snag. The tutors have a lot of experience developing mobile apps themselves so they know how best to do something. The app that you will be working on will assist you to understand the features that you are being taught better as you implement them. You will keep on adding new features over time as the training progresses and get to understand the concepts better.

Testing and polishing your app is also taught during the training. In this section, you get to run your app on the test devices provided in addition to the emulators. In case of any bugs, you will be shown how to debug your app and iron out the errors. Once the app is ready and polished, you will be taught how you can sign the app in order to release it to the app store.

When it come to deployment of your app, you will be shown how to open accounts on the necessary app stores and even how you can submit your app. This is all you will actually need in your journey to becoming a developer that makes money entirely on apps. In conclusion, developing mobile apps can be done quite easily so long as you get the right kind of training.

Converting Iphone to Satellite Phone

It is one of the application that could help travellers and business persons while they are in dead zone.Currently two softwares are working for this.

ASIQ Ltd. of Australia introduced the SafeCell, software that allows the iPhone to connect to a satellite uplink terminals in the plane via Bluetooth. SafeCell technology is also compatible with other smart phones such as Nokia, BlackBerry and all Symbian-based phones. In addition SafeCell users can enjoy voice calls, satellite broadband, MMS, SMS and entertainment applications.

SPOT LLC SPOT Connect App launches designed specifically for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod creates a direct Bluetooth wireless connection between a satellite phone. Portable devices can communicate directly with the Globalstar satellite network.This one is used for ground calls.

Both of them belongs to high cost apps.But this could be helpful during disaster situations and for military purposes .

Bringing Windows Phone ‘Mango’ to Nokia developers

Microsoft recently previewed the next major release of Windows Phone. The new release, code-named Mango, delivers substantial improvements in both the software platform and developer tools. Mango features more than1,500 new APIs, 16 new languages, and hardware-accelerated support for both IE9 and HTML5. Mango also brings enticing new opportunities to Nokia developers. Updates for tools, such as enhanced debugging, emulator support with accelerometer, gesture support, and profiling will also improve developer productivity.

As part of its transition to Windows Phone, Nokia plans to develop a full portfolio of devices that address several audiences and markets, rather than simply creating one high-end device. Nokia will also work closely with Microsoft to differentiate its devices with Mango by featuring iconic hardware and services, while applying consistent design principles for a unique look and feel. In coming months, Nokia will continue to add improvements, benefits, and simplification to its developer-support offerings.
Meet Mango, watch a video demo, and get tools

Deploy application in Symbian OS using HTML, CSS, Javascript

Here I’ll demonstrate how to develop and deploy application for Symbian OS, using Aptana Studio. (Windows platform)

Download Aptana Studio and install it from,

Download Nokia WRT plug-in for Aptana Studio and install it from,

After completing the above steps, start Aptana Studio

Select File >> New >> Project

Under Nokia Web Runtime (WRT), select New Nokia Web Runtime Widget and click Next.

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