How to Be a Highly Competitive Mobile Developer


The demand for mobile software developers is red hot, and the demand for Android developers is even hotter.

Since Americans are consumed by their smartphones alone for about an hour per day (a figure that doesn’t even account for tablet/other electronic media usage), most companies need highly skilled mobile developers to adapt their website or service to mobile usage.

Generally, enterprises and startups alike are adapting their products or services to the two biggest names in mobile technology: iOS and Android.
Android is outpacing iOS in the job market by a landslide

While both iOS and Android skills are highly in-demand,

employers are hiring Android developers much faster and more often than any other professionals in mobile tech.

employers are hiring Android developers much faster and more often than any other professionals in mobile tech.

Is this because the Android platform is better? That’s debatable. One thing is for sure: Hundreds of Android-supported mobile devices have blown up in popularity, and Android currently dominates the global market share.

“The growth of the Android market has had a ripple effect on the job market,” says Matt Miller, CTO at CyberCoders, a subsidiary of On Assignment, Inc. “For mobile programmers who specialize and are familiar with the Android operating system, there is no better time to improve your Android skills and look for a job.”

CyberCoders’ team of data scientists analyzed more than 3,700 mobile development job placements over the last two years. Below is a summary of the findings.

Jobs posted for Android positions grew by 110% from 2012 to 2014, compared to 54% for iOS jobs.

Similarly, job applications received for Android positions grew by an astounding 165%, compared to, again, 54% for iOS jobs.

The time it takes to place Android developers beat iOS by 50%.

From these findings, it’s clear that sharpening your Android skills — including Android SDK, NDK, C and C++ — can open up great career opportunities. In addition to Android development, employers are also on the lookout for the following three essential skills.
1. Demonstrate your understanding of the ‘why’ behind the app

The best mobile apps “solve a business problem such as improved work flow,” says Alex Bratton, CEO and chief geek of Lextech, an app development firm, and author of Billion Dollar Apps: How to Find & Implement a Winning Mobile Strategy.

It’s crucial to show your boss how your work impacts the company’s bottom line. “Developers who understand the ‘why’ behind the app are the most successful because they can offer the end user or the C-suite a return-on-app investment,” says Bratton.
2. Be able to communicate to non-technical folks as well

Building a solid mobile experience requires collaborating with stakeholders that may not understand the technical aspects of your work.

“It’s important that mobile developers are able to step outside of their technical shells and express the limitations and possibilities provided by mobile technology in a way that non-technical people can understand,” says Brady Donnelly, cofounder of Hungry, a digital agency that develops mobile products for brands like Samsung and MakerBot.

It’s equally important for developers to be able to walk away from the computer and pinpoint what works and what doesn’t from a consumer’s perspective.

In fact, one of the biggest job interview mistakes Donnelly sees is candidates taking an insular approach to work. “It’s common in the industry to put a barrier between clients and developers, in many cases, so their day-to-day lives are spent largely in a bubble outside of face-to-face interactions,” he says.

Competitive mobile developers are ready to collaborate and work cohesively.
3. Always keep your skills and industry knowledge sharp

The most impressive developers are able to connect the dots and think about the bigger, industry-wide picture.

“What particularly intrigues me while interviewing is when the conversation extends beyond the components of specific tasks into interest in the industry as a whole,”

“What particularly intrigues me while interviewing is when the conversation extends beyond the components of specific tasks into interest in the industry as a whole,” says Donnelly.

Staying abreast of the latest mobile-technology languages is key. For instance, honing the fundamentals skills (Java or C++ for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS) is a given. Developers should also have experience working with APIs and SDKs made available by larger social media platforms (e.g. Facebook or Instagram). After all, social media is making a huge impact on the landscape of mobile applications, helping apps build audiences and boost demand.

“It’s important to know not just current technology but what is coming up,” says Samit Shah, cofounder of Persource, a mobile app development company. “If you can advise clients on future-proofing their projects or showing how they can grow over time, it’s a better sell than ‘I can build this to specification.'”

Courtesy – Mashable

Bangalore ipad App Tutorial

Developing an ipad app involves quite a number of steps which follow each other in a certain order. The steps involve a number of tools in each stage and each step has its own importance in that it builds up on the previous step or acts as a preparation for the next step. In this Bangalore ipad app tutorial we take a look at a very important stage of the app development process which is the design stage. In the design stage, there are a number of things that have to be taken into consideration in order to ensure that your app has an amazing user interface and an intuitive app flow.

 Bangalore ipad App Tutorial

Apps that are engaging will definitely earn you more money especially when you make use of ads as a mode of making money. The more time users spend on your app means that they will get to see more ads meaning that they will click on more ads hence earning you more money. The user experience is one very important factor that determines the usability and success of your app so it should be taken into keen consideration when designing your app. So, let us take a look at the methods you will use in order to get the designs of your app ready.

  • Wire frames : Wire frames have been in use for a long time in the field of web design and the concepts have been heavily borrowed in the ipad app development field you can make use of wire frames to design how your app will look like on a real device as the wire frames are basically an outline of the ipad and ca be used as a simulation of the real device. You can make the sketches of your app design on these wire frames using a simple pen and paper on which the outlines of the device have been printed.
  • User interface mock ups : Some times, you may need to get a feel for the actual app as it is used on the device. This shows just the basic functionality of the app such as the transition of the screens from one page of the app to another. The buttons do not do much but the UI mock ups will definitely give you a feel for the actual app. This is actually recommended even on this Bangalore ipad app tutorial as it is a more realistic and tangible option than using wire frames.
  • Story boards : The concept of story boards has been borrowed from the film industry in which they are used to show transition from one scene to another. In the field of ipad app development, story boards are used to show the movement from one screen of the app to the other. The story board also shows how the various screens in the app are connected to each other and are quite effective when telling a story with the app.

In conclusion, designing an ipad app involves a number of tools and techniques which come in handy as shown in this Bangalore ipad app tutorial.

Bangalore ios App Programming

The world of ios programming is very dynamic and exciting with a lot of opportunities. You can make ios development a full time career if you wish. This does not take much and you can even have loads of fun while you are at it. The main thing that you need to keep in mind at all times is how the end user is going to make use of your app. For the ios platform, you need to have a number of tools in order to develop apps. These tools and requirements are what we look at in the next few sections.

Bangalore ios App Programming

  • Apple Computer : This does not have to be anything fancy or that powerful. Even a low end macbook is capable of handling the development requirements of the ios platform. You just need a basic computer to write your code in and you are ready to go. Most of the time, this computer will come with the Mac OS operating system installed so you wont need to buy the operating system again. You also get to benefit from some free graphics design tools that come with the OS but in case you are a developer who is looking to develop some professional looking high end graphics, then the next section is for you.
  • Graphics Authoring Software : It is said that looks are everything and in the world of ios programming, this is even more true. The look of your app will determine its success on the app store and you have to invest in some professional graphics which will attract the user and give your app a unique look and feel. The icons and buttons need to leek unique to your app and in order to do this, you need to use quality software such as Adobe Photoshop for the graphics. This package comes with quite some powerful tools that can be used to create powerful graphics for your application.
  • An Integrated Development Environment : When it comes to the actual coding, you will need to have a software development kit in order to be able to write code, compile it, run it and finally debug it. This is usually bundled up with a simulator which is a virtual device on which you usually run your app. This device can show some of the basic functionality of your app but in case you would like to know how the app actually works in the real world, you will have to run it on a real device.
  • Developer Account : In order to be able to sign and release your apps to the rest of the world, you will need to have a developer account which will help you submit your apps and get recognized on the app store as a developer. This developer account goes at a certain annual fee and is quite helpful as you can even get paid for the number of downloads your app gets on the app store.

That is all you need for Bangalore ios app programming and once you are set up, you can start deploying apps and make some good money.

Bangalore How to Program for iphone

It is true that you can earn a living programming on the iphone platform. All you need may be just a development machine and a couple of development tools. however, this is not all the knowledge you will need as you get to know Bangalore how to program for iphone. Programming involves multiple disciplines and it is always good to have the skill set for any kind of project. So, let us go ahead and take a look at some of the things you are required to know in order to program for iphone with confidence.

Bangalore How to Program for iphone

  • Algorithms : These are the methods that are used in programming in order to ensure that your code is able to execute efficiently without incurring any additional overhead on the device. In the case of the iphone, you must have a working knowledge of efficient algorithms as you will be working in an environment with limited memory, speed and processing capabilities. There are quite a number of algorithms for memory management and others come in handy to reduce the time it takes to execute something. Knowing how to choose between different algorithms may be very efficient especially for large projects that have many lines of code. You have to ensure that the program runs in as short time as possible in order to conserve on battery time. Take as an example the algorithm used to sort an array of strings. Though there may be many algorithms that can do this. Only a few will be needed in the mobile context because of the limited storage capabilities.
  • Networking : In Bangalore how to program for iphone, you may be needed to connect your app to the internet or a web service. This will need you to be good at socket programming and networking. This way, you will be in a much better position to develop apps that are able to communicate over a network and share data. This knowledge may come in quite handy when you are working for a client that needs a web service linked with the iphone application for the sake of data transfer. You should be able to handle things that may occur in the course of the connection. This is known as error handling and will come up in several places in the course of your development on the iPhone platform.
  • Databases : Sometimes, your app needs to store data in one form or the other. A database may be a very good way of saving data especially for text and numbers. You need to know how to create a database, update it and query it for results. This database may also be on a server back end on the cloud so you need to know how to connect to that database over a network. In most cases a basic knowledge of MySQL is enough to get you started on developing apps that have database capabilities.

In conclusion to our Bangalore how to program for iPhone, you need to have some extra skills in addition to programming in order to program better apps that are capable of some advance features.

Bangalore How to Program for ipad

The ipad is a very unique device right from its design and features. It is capable of more in terms of performance as compared to other devices. This extra performance calls for more from the developer and you have to do something extra in order to fully utilize the extra resources. This comes in two main aspects.

Bangalore How to Program for ipad

  • Screen Resolution : The ipad is capable of more screen resolution that most of the other hand held devices. This is one thing that makes it so unique. The display of an ipad is different and as a programmer, you have to approach the design of your app for an ipad quite differently. You will need to have more time dedicated to the initial design of your app so that you can get it right with the first try. Rushing headlong into development of the app will not help you as you will not have made adequate preparations beforehand. You should therefore be careful how you design the elements in your app user interface so as to take advantage of the higher resolution. Graphical assets in your app have to be of a higher resolution and able to scale to even higher or smaller dimensions. This comes in handy when you are adding responsiveness to your app so that the user interface elements are able to scale themselves automatically depending on the dimensions of the device. The dimensions usually change when the device is tilted from a landscape to portrait orientation and vice versa.The user experience on an ipad can be enhanced to take advantage of the bigger display. The icons have to be larger and more visible and the buttons should be easily accessible. Having buttons that are too small to be read can have a negative effect on your app development. People find it hard to reach for a UI element that seems too far or too small. Your app needs to follow the usability guidelines in order to appeal to the person who is using your app on an ipad. Having visual elements that are easily reachable to the user without shaving to strain or stretch their fingers is very critical as most people usually abandon an app that is too difficult to use at the first try. Using your app should be fun and not a torture for your users. You have to take this into consideration when you are developing the ipad app.
  • Faster Computational Capabilities : The ipad is capable of faster computations and this is one thing that most developers are unaware of. Most people will write the same code they would have written for an iphone device and as a result, precious CPU cycles are wasted doing nothing. A good programmer should be able to take advantage of the extra computing resources in order to make the app much better and the experience very smooth and rewarding for the user.

So there we have it, our small Bangalore how to program for ipad has shown as a lot in terms of development so go out there and utilize the device resources to the fullest!

Mumbai iTunes app Developer: Responsibilities

There has been an increased interest in itunes app development in recent days. This has been attributed to the smooth development process and an increasing number of people with iPhone and ipads. All these people have to go to the itunes store in order to search for apps and install these apps on their devices. The monetization of these apps is also made very easy as all the people with these devices have their financial devices and they can therefore make purchases very easily in a seamless transaction which will not interrupt the normal activity flow of purchasing the app. Connectivity to the internet has also been more constant in recent days so ads can easily be loaded onto the app in order to earn you money.

Mumbai iTunes app Developer: Responsibilities

It is always a curious question as to what the developer actually does in order to get an app from the prototype stage to the final app that gets downloaded on the itunes store. Actually, the Mumbai itunes app developer has a number of responsibilities that he or she must take care of in order to get the app completed on time and according to the specifications of the client. In this case, you would most likely be the client who wishes to have an app built for you so that you can get to sell the app on the app store or even use it in your business or another place of interest. The responsibilities of the Mumbai itunes app developer are as outlined in the next few sections.

Mumbai iTunes app Developer: Responsibilities

  • User interface design : Every app needs to have a mode of presenting its content to the user. In most cases, this is through the user interface. The user interface contains a number of widgets which the user touches on in order to interact with the app and enter commands and other types of input. The user interface needs to be very easy to use as most apps do not have a user manual that comes with them. All the elements in the user interface needs to fit together with each other properly and most of the times it is the itunes app developer who will wire up all these elements in order to achieve a perfect user interface flow with no hitches along the way.
  • Coding : The itunes app needs to have some core logic upon which it acts on. This are the instructions that get executed when the user performs a certain action on the app. In most cases, the code is used to receive the user input and provide some feedback. In other cases, the code may be to get some data from a web server or even save data into a database right on the device. The Mumbai itunes app developer needs to be well versed in programming languages and various techniques which will make the developers work much more easier as they will only need to write a little bit of code in order to achieve something.

In conclusion, those are the responsibilities of a Mumbai itunes app developer. The developer is actually in charge of a huge portion of realizing the success of the app and plays a very important role.

Developing a Mumbai Custom App for ipad

The iPad has become a commonly used device in many areas of our lives. From business, entertainment, communication and even other productivity areas, there is a wide array of apps that is being used in order to accomplish one need of the user or another. This means that the needs of the users are varied and this calls for varied apps. Every user always wants an app that is made specifically for them in order to fulfill their exact needs. These apps are known as custom apps. This name signifies the degree of specialization that is done on the app in order to fit in with the needs, the tastes and the preferences of the user.

Developing a Mumbai Custom App for ipad

A Mumbai custom app for ipad usually goes through a number of processes before it can be given to the final client. Most of the time this takes time and has to involve the client and the app development company. There are a number of people involved in the process such as the

  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • UX engineer

These people have a specific responsibility that goes into ensuring that the final version of the app is specifically to the needs of the user and does exactly what it was intended to do. All the people involved in developing a Mumbai custom app for ipad have to keep in constant communication with each other to make sure that everything goes according to plan and on time too.

For a Mumbai custom app to be built according to the needs of the user exactly, these needs have to be captured accurately. The needs of the user may be in the form of an idea for an app they had or a problem they may have experienced which they believe that an ipad app can be able to solve. These needs are then written down as requirements and features that have to be included in the app. This is very important so as to ensure that the needs of the client are meant exactly as they are and that the client is satisfied with the final product that they get.

Once the needs of the client have been accurately captured, it is now time to actually get back to work on the Mumbai custom app for ipad. There are a number of procedures that have to be carried out and in each of these procedures, there is a person or a team who is responsible. The designers are usually responsible for designing the user interface of the app and how the individual widgets will be arranged inside the ipad app. They also design graphical assets which will be used inside the app such as the icons and buttons.

The developers on the other hand are responsible for writing the code that actually does the heavy lifting in the app. This comes in very handy as the app needs to have some business logic in it in order to be a complete app. The testers are the people who play around with the app in order to detect any problems that may arise with the app.

In conclusion, developing a Mumbai custom app for ipad involves a number of people who are responsible for specific sections of the development process in order to ensure that the final product is what the user needs.

Mumbai Corporate Training iTunes Apps

iTunes is the largest distribution platform for iPhone and iPad devices. Apple has a strict criteria for allowing apps to be placed on the itunes store and this ensures that the apps that make it there are of the highest quality. Consequently, people are more willing to buy apps on the itunes store given the high quality of the apps. The developers who get their apps on the itunes store will therefore earn more money as compared to the other platforms. These platforms do not have restrictions on the quality of the apps that are submitted to the store and will therefore be of a lower quality. In order to be a good developer of itunes apps, you will be required to learn from the very top of the cream. This will make you a very good developer who is capable of developing apps that are capable of passing through Apples strict regulations. As soon as your app has passed the measures and test put in place, then you are assured of earning a living on this very lucrative platform.

Mumbai Corporate Training iTunes Apps

Mumbai corporate training itunes apps provides training that is of high quality with real world projects that can be actually submitted to the itunes store. You get to work on the best devices and test out your work live. In addition to the lectures, you get to have practical sessions where you do whatever you have been taught that day. By the end of the session, you are assured of having the skills that are necessary to set you up on the itunes store as a top developer who is capable of developing apps that are of a high quality.

As long as you have gone through the Mumbai corporate training itunes apps, you are assured of being a good developer who can make apps for a living given the high income on the itunes store as compared to other stores. You will be equipped with all the design and development skills in addition to best practices which will make sure that your itunes app is never rejected due to some violation of the design guidelines. Designing itunes app requires a certain degree of skill and this is what will be imparted upon you at the Mumbai corporate training itunes app. You will get to be taught how to design and draw icons and other visual assets. All this knowledge comes in very handy in the actual development of real world apps as every app will require a different set of icons and buttons all of which you will need to design and draw using computer graphics software. You also need to know how to arrange the visual elements in the app so that your app can have an amazing user experience. The user interface usually determines how your users will react and interact with your app so it should be intuitive and consistent with the rest of the operating system.

In conclusion, getting training by the best can really help you build itunes app that will make it to the app store and generate good revenue for you.

Mumbai Corporate Training iPhone Apps

There are quite a number of people who have been able to turn iphone app development into a full time career where they get to release apps on a weekly or monthly basis and earn money from these apps. There is a huge opportunity for developers to make money especially on the iphone platform as more people are usually increased to buy apps on this platform. You too can make money on the iphone platform after you have obtained the right kind of training first. Usually, all you will need to learn is how to design the app professionally and how to develop the core logic that will power the app. In other cases, you may also be needed to know how to work with a web service in order to add more functionality and features to your app.

Mumbai Corporate Training iPhone Apps

At Mumbai corporate training iphone apps, you get to be shown how to go about designing and developing and iphone app right from the very beginning to the end with examples and demos along the way to help you understand the concepts better. The hands on sessions help you to gain a deeper understanding as to how things are usually done. You also get to learn on the best way in which you can implement certain features in order to boost the performance of your app and make it work better without hogging down the whole system. You learn how to take advantage of multiple cores on the device in order to make your app work much better and this increase in performance can go a long way in improving the user experience of your app.

Apps that are designed to work well even with the limited resources of a mobile device are usually the ones that users keep coming back as they are confident that their resources will not be drained away as they are using the app. The apps that have a core business logic implemented in the right way also add more value to the users and hence they get more downloads and positive review. If your app is as good as the ones that are features on the iphone app store, you also stand a chance to be featured and make your app stand out. In order to do this, you will need to have an app that goes along the standards that have been laid down by Apple. The standards will be repeated to you time and again by the tutors throughout the training sessions as they are very important determiners of whether your app makes it onto the store or not.

With Mumbai corporate training iphone apps, you are assured of getting the very best training that will empower you with skills that will last you for a life time. You are taught how to add monetization features in your app and this is what will be generating revenue from your app. Having known all this, you will be in a much better position to take advantage of the available opportunity and start making some good money.

Mumbai Corporate Training iOS

iOs has been a major player in the operating systems field for quite some time now. Shipped in various shapes and sizes for an array of devices, the iOs platform is one that covers quite a huge market area and has a very huge user bas. This means that iOs programs always have a market as people need new apps for their devices. This is even more so in the business field where enterprises need to have customized apps for their specific use. This presents a huge opportunity for people to make money developing apps for the iOs platform.

Mumbai Corporate Training iOS

In order to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the huge market on the iOs platform, you will need to acquire the right kind of knowledge first. Ios development requires that you are well versed in develop of iOs apps and testing them on a number of devices using different tools and testing methodologies. With Mumbai corporate training ios, you have the opportunity to learn from the very best in the field. This means that you can easily pick up new skills and build on them as the tutors have experience developing for the same platform in addition to having knowledge in engineering and construction of programs. They will show you the entire development process right from the very first stage to the very last one.

All this is presented in a fun and exciting manner so that even the very new beginner can be able to get up to speed on the platform and start developing apps in no time at all. Being a programming course, the Mumbai corporate training iOs is hugely practical with lab sessions and coding segments that help you to understand how exactly to tackle a certain programming challenge or even how to make your program run better, faster and more efficiently. The main emphasis in these practical sessions is usually the gaining of new skills and these are usually tested in the coding assignments that are given. These are used to test your understanding of a certain concept and how far you have progressed on the platform.

Design patterns in iOs are also taught in a clear and concise manner with real world examples to refer from. You get to actually design an iOs app using a variety of prototyping tools and present these mock ups to the tutors who will then suggest changes based on their experience on the iOS platform. These designs will actually come in very handy when you are developing an iOs application for a client as it is the mock ups that the client will see first and suggest changes based on their tastes and preferences. These changes are quite expensive to implement once the app development is already underway therefore it becomes better to make the changes even before the actual development has begun.

In conclusion, Mumbai corporate training iOS gives you the essential skills that you need in order to become a developer on the iOs platform. This is quite a rewarding skill and can even become a career.