Characteristics of a Good Mumbai Google Play App Developer

The android market is a very lucrative source of income for most people. This is more so for the people that have ideas for apps and take steps to turn these ideas into apps. Usually, the process of turning an app idea into the actual app involves getting the help of a Mumbai Google play app developer who is well versed in the development process and can deliver an app based on the ideas and the requirements set down at the beginning of the development process. However, it is always good to know what the Mumbai Google play app developer has in their skill set in order to determine whether you are working with a good developer or not.

Characteristics of a Good Mumbai Google Play App Developer

Characteristics of a Good Mumbai Google Play App Developer

  • Knowledge of the platform : For one, Google play app developers are usually very well versed in the platform that they are developing on. This means that they understand the ins and outs of android in addition to being able to tell the differences that exist in the various versions of the platform. Different platform levels have different capabilities and therefore mean differences in coding styles and the features that can be added to each level. For instance, in developing a game that targets earlier android devices, the developer has to make use of a lower version of the graphics programming language known as OpenGL ES in order to have an app that is capable of running on such devices. Newer platforms usually support the features that were in the earlier versions in addition to having other extra features added on top that ensure that the platform delivers quality user experiences.
  • Knowledge of programming : A google play app developer also needs to know the differences between the various coding styles and know when to apply certain coding styles in place of others. For example, the developer may choose to use one algorithm over another if the speed may be compromised with efficiency. Programming needs to be at the core of the developer as they need to have vast knowledge of java in order to turn those ideas into apps and within a given time frame. If a developer is properly versed in programming languages for the android platform, then he or she can be trusted to deliver apps that are of a high quality and do not crash in the process of being used. Other languages that the developer may need to possess in order to handle advanced graphics capabilities include C and C++. These two programming languages communicate directly with the hardware and offer more control to the speed and other capabilities of the app.
  • Testing : Developers also need to be good testers. Test driven development is gaining popularity as more and more people expect apps to be of high quality and do not settle for less. The app therefore needs to be tested by the developer in order to iron out some issues that may cause a user to give the app a bad rating or review.

In short, the above mentioned skills are what truly identifies the professional Mumbai Google play app developer and sets them aside from the rest of the developers who claim to be good at something but cannot actually do it.

Mumbai Corporate Training Google Apps

The Google platform is one of the highly used platforms in the world. Most people know Google for searching but this is just scratching the surface. Google has a lot more services that are aimed at businesses and other institutions that have huge computing needs but cannot afford employing extra people or building a data center themselves. This means that they have to outsource the computing needs and what place is better than the Google platform? Google offers virtually limitless disk space, memory capacity and processing power at various costs which are really affordable. When making use of Google services, you do not have to worry about maintaining a data center hence removing the need to employ extra people.

Mumbai Corporate Training Google Apps

In order to properly utilize the Google computing platform, you need to create applications that are specifically targeted at the Google platform and can run on the cloud. This needs training on the Google computation cloud programming and Google apps. Mumbai corporate training Google apps provides an opportunity for developers to make use of the Google apps and the app engine to create apps business and other institutions.

With the Mumbai corporate training Google apps, you get to have a hands on experience creating apps that run on Google”s cloud and can be scaled depending on the computational needs of a particular business. You get to create extensions to Google apps using scripts. Google app scripts are meant to extend the functionality of Google apps and make them suitable for a particular business scenario. For example, Google spreadsheets can be extended to accept input from an android device or any other kind of device provided the two are configured to online slots communicate with each other. This means that your employees can be working from anywhere and leveraging the power of Google apps in order to enhance communication, collaboration and productivity.

With Google apps, several people can be working on the same document or spreadsheet at the same time. This is all taught with real world projects and examples being demonstrated live in the Mumbai corporate training Google apps. You get to build your own instance of Google apps and use it to collaborate with other people in real time. Data storage capabilities with Google drive is also demonstrated and you get to work with other trainees at the same time to work on a project. The real world applicability of Google apps makes it a very engaging experience to be taught with the actual tools that you will be using in the workplace. You are able to extend Google drive so that many people are able to access data stored on a drive at the same time. Leveraging the power of Google apps in the workplace is a very powerful way of increasing productivity while reducing the operational costs at the same time.

To sum it up in a few words, Mumbai corporate training for Google apps gives you the opportunity to learn from the best and gain real world skills which you can easily apply in the workplace for your own business and corporate needs.

Skillset of a Dubai Google Play App Developer

The android market has become a source good and stable income for most people. Big titles such as Angry birds have made it big on the market. With the huge number of devices that are released to the market each day, the opportunity is becoming ever larger with each new release. The android operating system has also undergone changes and rapid improvements that have brought new resources to developers. New versions of the android operating systems bring new opportunities for developers to incorporate more features into their apps. There are a number of skills that a Dubai Google play app developer should possess in order to be competitive in the app store. These are outlined in the sections below.

Skillset of a Dubai Google Play App Developer

Skillset of a Dubai Google Play App Developer

  • UI Design : For an app to make it on the Google play store, it must have a beautiful user interface. This makes the app usable and very exciting to use. It is the user interface that the users will come into contact first and this is a very important factor that determines the success of an app. The Dubai Google play app developer therefore needs to be good at designing apps that are not only usable but also very engaging.
  • Coding : Nearly all the Google play app developers usually have the task of developing the core functionality of apps using the software development kit. The developer will make use of the Java programming language in order to make the app fully functional. The android operating system is based on the java programming language so it is always easy for existing developers to pick up the platform. Coding also involves a lot of refactoring and rearranging the modules that make up the app for maximum efficiency. The coding skills require may also cut across a variety of application areas such as databases and networking. Coding also involves adapting to the latest updates on the android features. These features are constantly being upgraded so it is always good to stay in the loop. A dubai google play app developer will therefore need to have a vast knowledge of java programming and working with the Google API’s.
  • Coding : Nearly all the Google play app developers usually have the task of developing the core functionality of apps using the software development kit. The developer will make use of the Java programming language in order to make the app fully functional. The android operating system is based on the java programming language so it is always easy for existing developers to pick up the platform. Coding also involves a lot of refactoring and rearranging the modules that make up the app for maximum efficiency. The coding skills require may also cut across a variety of application areas such as databases and networking. Coding also involves adapting to the latest updates on the android features. These features are constantly being upgraded so it is always good to stay in the loop. A dubai google play app developer will therefore need to have a vast knowledge of java programming and working with the Google API’s.
  • Testing : Testing is an integral part of every app development process. The features of an app have to be working properly before the app can be released to google play. The app is installed on the targeted device and used in a variety of unpredictable ways in order to ensure that the app performs as expected. Testing can be done by users or even another library that is usually embedded into the app. This library emulates random behavior.

Once the app has been tested, it is now ready for release to the google play store. Here the developer needs to sign the app in order to prevent the app from being modified by other malicious third parties. This is all that is needed by a Dubai Google play developer in order to develop apps that get lots of downloads and in the process earn a lot of revenue.

Dubai corporate Training Google apps

The Google platform is a very powerful one especially when used for businesses. Being the largest search engine and email services provider, the Google presents an opportunity to business continuity at an affordable cost. The scale of operations of Google makes it a very powerful platform to work on as you can easily grow your business without having to worry about the extra costs of expanding data storage and processing facilities. This is where Google apps for business comes in handy. With the resources that Google offers, there is no way a business can ignore this platform. The sheer scale of operation and reliability is enough to get more people onto the platform but perhaps it is the flexibility of the platform that makes it so attractive. Developers can extend the Google apps platform in order to provide more functionality and specialize it for a business. They can also introduce new features that are specific to the business and make them available from a number of endpoints such as:

  • Android apps
  • ios apps
  • Web browser

This means that learning how to develop apps on the Google platform is becoming a necessity with the recent trends in computing. Data is growing bigger and Google has just the resources needed to handle this huge data. Scaling on the Google platform is done automatically and there is no limit as to how far your operations can go to. Dubai corporate training Google apps provides the necessary skills required to program on the Google platform and develop apps for business on a very huge scale.

Dubai corporate Training Google apps

There are many aspects of the Google platform that can be customized and extended for business use including :

  • Gmail
  • Google docs
  • Maps
  • Google drive

just to mention a few. All these features come in very handy in the business and when they are customized to fit with the needs of the business, they can really help a lot in terms of the growth of the business and continuity. There is also another feature of the Google platform that can be utilized in order to scale the business automatically. This is the Google compute engine. With the Google commute engine, a business can offload their computing work to the cloud where the numbers are crunched by Google’s servers leaving your local computation resources to be used for basic operations. The benefit of using Google’s platform in business application is the security, convenience and reliability that it offers.
Dubai corporate training Google apps development gives you the hands on experience that you need in order to start developing apps for your business on the Google platform. You are assured of reliability with your apps and your business can scale in terms of operations without having to build other data centers which can be quite costly to the business.

To sum it all up, Dubai corporate training for Google apps gives you the ability to use the Google platform to do business and other activities without worrying how the data is being handled and processed in the background.

Importance of a Bangalore Google Play App Developer

The Google play market has become the most popular app store for android apps. This has been attributed to the fact that it is backed by Google and always gets the best engineers working on it. The other factor would be the huge presence of android powered devices in every part of our lives, from mobile phones, tablets, television sets and even toasters. This means that the opportunity for android apps is growing at a very fast pace. Have you ever wondered how an app is developed from the very first stage to the time it is released on the Google play store? Well, there are a number of things that are involved and they have to go in the proper manner for the final app to be a success. Not only is the app development process very important, but it also acts as a guideline for a Bangalore Google play app developer to create apps of a high quality within a short period of time. Let us look at the steps involved and what role the developer plays in each step.

Importance of a Bangalore Google Play App Developer

Importance of a Bangalore Google Play App Developer

  • Concept Stage : This is the very first stage in the development process. Every app has to arise from an idea or a need that needs to be addressed. Having an idea is a good thing, but turning this idea into something that is both realistic and usable has to involve the Bangalore Google play app developer. The developer will listen to the app idea or the solution that needs to be turned into an app. He will then ask a few questions in order to clarify the points maybe he did not understand or would like to get more information about. The features that are requested are also classified in order of priority and ease or urgency. This makes it easy for the developer to make the app in a reasonable time frame without having to deal with a feature creep.
  • Design Stage : The app idea is then taken to the next stage where user interface designers are tasked with turning the idea into a visual concept. The Bangalore Google play app developer has to be involved in order to determine which sections of the user interface are workable and which ones are not. Once this is done, the main task of the developer comes to the fore front.
  • Development Stage : This is the most important stage in developing an app for the Google play store. The development stage involves a number of tools and techniques all of which are in the knowledge area of the developer. He needs to turn the designs into working apps. This is accomplished through the use of software development kits such as Eclipse and Android Studio. The developer also makes use of emulators and real device in the development process in order to test the app for bugs and iron them out before they are released to the app store. Before releasing the app, it has to be signed and this is also done by the developer.

So in short, that is the entire development process of an android app and the importance of involving a Google play app developer in every step of the process.

Opening AVD Manager in Eclipse

AVD Manager is used to create or edit a virtual device in eclipse. AVD is the abbreviation for Android Virtual Device. To open an AVD Manager, go to the window menu of eclipse. In the set of sub menus we can see the AVD Manager sub menu. Select that and we can see a window appearing with the list of virtual devices. This is the AVD Manager window.

We can also open the AVD Manager by pressing the AVD Manager using the AVD Manager button from the set of buttons that are available above the android editor. When we move the cursor over each button, the button name will be displayed.

Snapshot Feature for Android Virtual Device(AVD)

The major issue or drawback faced by every Android developer is the time needed for a virtual device to be up and running. This is because every time a new AVD is run, the device will boot up from scratch. We can reduce this delay considerably by enabling snap shot. This feature is available in the latest versions of Andriod IDE. If we want to enable snapshot for a virtual device, then we have make sure that the snapshot option is enabled for the virtual device.

So basically the snapshot feature will make sure that when you exit an emulator, the system will store off a snapshot of the state of the AVD. This takes a little while, depending on how much RAM is assigned to the AVD. After saving the state once, the AVD will now launch very quickly – usually in just a couple of seconds. At the time of launching the AVD, choose to load from the snapshot and save the snapshot. This will make the AVD to run from the last saved snapshot stage. When a snapshot isn’t found, the AVD boots up from scratch. As we all know, this takes quite a long time even on very fast machines.

What is Android Just in Time (JIT) compiler?

What is the JIT?  JIT stands for “Just In Time,” and we use it to describe a Dalvik JIT compiler, which was added to Android with the 2.2 release.  It compiles bytecode into native machine code at runtime.  Essentially it takes the code for an app, analyzes it and converts it into something that runs faster.  It does all this while the application is running, and that’s where the “just in time” tag comes from.  The JIT compiler designed for Android also can do this with a very short “warm up” time, meaning it doesn’t take very long to analyze the code before it starts working.  It stores information in a cache in your phone’s RAM, which means it’s not an ideal solution for devices with low memory.  It’s been optimized to have a small footprint — about 100K per process — but even that is enough to impact performance on older models like the G1 or HTC Magic.  This is why most phones that came before the Nexus One never got an official version from Google — hardware limitations.

A JIT compiler simply saves CPU cycles — more work can be done for each clock cycle.  This means applications that were throttled by CPU performance get faster, and apps that are “rate-limited” (run until they are finished without taxing the processor to the maximum) finish faster and use less battery because of it.  Not all applications see a significant speed increase, and most applications written with the NDK or in native code won’t see an increase at all, as they don’t use the Dalvik virtual machine.

Here is a workshop in Singapore on Android Apps

Formula to Convert CMYK to RGB values

It is possible to convert CMYK values to RGB values. We can see how to do this in the following section.

Consider the cyan, magento, yellow and black values of CMYK as c, m, y and k respectively. Now we can find the equivalent RGB values using the following formulas :

r = (1-k)-(1-k)*c;

g = (1-k)-(1-k)*m;

b = (1-k)-(1-k)*y;

Here, r, g and b will have the corresponding red, green and blue values.

Android 5 Jelly Beans Features – Proposed

Browser in Android 5.0 Jelly Bean

Android 4.0 has came with a lot of cool features like the fancy tabbed browsing from Honeycomb and the super fast speed of browsing from Gingerbread. There is support for Chrome Bookmark sync service in Android 4.0 too, however, the faster browser courtesy Google- Google Chrome is still not on Android devices. So now the next version should be a mobile version Google Chrome with constant on-screen tabs along with bookmark bar. Other platforms like iOS using Safari and Windows mobile using IE have already done this in their platforms so it is high time now that Google does it too.

File Manager

Now when every other smartphone and tablet is filled with so much of music and videos that even the 32 GB memory looks less then it is obvious that we are going to need a file manager app in our Android devices to manage these infinite files. Though some good manufacturers are now providing File Managers in stock Rom but it will be better if Google itself adds this app in the OS Android 5.0 itself.


Android tablets or smartphone owners are practically exploit for keyboards choices. In the absence of any Google designed keyboard, Swype and Swiftkey have stepped up to the task and have provided high quality keyboards. Though Google should not bereft users to use these keyboards but a standard keyboard in the Android OS itself will solve some issues.

Timely upgrades

Android updates and upgrades take too much time. It is too agonizing to wait this long for an update. Launch of all Android versions including the widely used Android 2.0 and the recently released Android 4.0 ICS took a lot of time in their released after their previous versions. However, the reports say that many users have still not migrated to Android Ice Cream Sandwich. This might make Google delay the launch of Android Jelly Bean so that it can study the reason of this low penetration and correct those faults in Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. I just hope that the launch is not delayed much and we got to see some new changes soon.

Android Jelly Bean lite

I like to have fast speed devices with me, like my laptop has quad core processor and my smartphone too is powered on duo core processor, but that does not mean that everybody can afford to change their smartphones every year. So, Android Jelly Bean should have a lite version which can be installed on devices having low processing speeds.

Toggle switches

All HTC smartphones have toggle switches to turn on/off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS etc. courtesy HTC Sense UI. If Google would care to add these toggle switches in its Android OS that would be great because believe me, they help a lot in saving your battery life as with them you find it easier to switch these extra apps off instantly.

This is something which Google should learn from Apple. iOS devices have a great battery management system whereas Android smartphones don’t even last for a complete day. Excluding the minimum 6 hours of sleep it would be nice to get 18 hours of battery life at least but what we get is at maximum is 18 hours of battery life even on moderate usage. Few recent releases have improvements in this regard but still a lot needs to be done.

Theme options

I agree that Gingerbread, Honeycomb as well as Ice Cream Sandwich all look much better than Froyo but that does not mean that everybody wants a complete black theme with blue outlines. For God’s sake Google give us some options! Especially those who do not want to root their smartphones.

Lock screen widgets

These are available on HTC Sense 3.0 and 3.5 and are really useful. If Google adds it on Jelly Bean it would be nice. Let’s see if they decide to add lock screen widgets or not. Although I would like to see my notifications from the lock screen itself but that may not be possible if you have a passcode or a pattern for obvious security reasons. However, some widgets like custom clocks or weather can be added, don’t you think so?

Faster OS

Dual core and quad core processors have made the smartphones really faster but they also give a big load on the battery. If Google could tweak Android Jelly Bean in such a that it becomes fast even without these monstrous processors that would go a long way in opening horizons for further improvement. Currently, Android is currently sluggish than Windows phone 7 and even its biggest competitor- iOS.

At present let’s welcome Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and with its load of new features and improvements. It is one of the most advances OS of the world and I have high hopes from it. Do you have any more hopes from Android Jelly Bean? Then share it with me through comments!