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icon144Bubbles Burst

AA carefree game for the stressed souls!

Pop similar color bubbles against time!

Clear maximum bubbles with minimal clicks!

This fun app is jam-packed with striking colors & 3 tempting levels of pure fun – Novice, Pro, Expert.

Keep clicking! Enjoy!

Highlighted Features:

* NOVICE – For beginners, with 4 different colored bubbles in 8 rows.
* PRO – 6 different colored bubbles in 10 rows.
* EXPERT – 8 different colored bubbles in 12 rows.
* Attractive graphics with exotic splash of colors.
* Simple to use interface.




  • screenshot3
  • screenshot2
  • screenshot4
  • screenshot1



The ‘New iPad’ screen resolution is not supported.


If you have any kind of problem please write to our SUPPORT and avoid negative reviews as we cannot respond directly to reviews. We guarantee 24 hour response time.
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What’s New in Version 1.1

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