Microsoft Azure Getting Started - 100% Practical Instructor-Led Online Training

Microsoft Azure Getting Started - 100% Practical Instructor-Led Online Training

Learn Online Directly From Professional Trainers!

Microsoft Azure Getting Started TOC

You get access to our cloud lab to do all section exercises


Cloud Computing & Virtualization

Introduction To CloudComputing
What is Cloud Computing?
Characteristics of Cloud Computing
Cloud Implementation Models
Cloud Service Models
Advantages of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Concerns
Introduction To Virtualization
What is Virtualization?
History of Virtualization
What is a Hypervisor?
Benefits of virtualization


Introduction to Microsoft Azure

Introduction to Microsoft Azure
What is Azure?
Azure Accounts & Subscriptions
Creating Azure Account
Azure Management Portal
Azure Regions & Availability Zones
Azure Free Subscription
Introduction to Azure Services
Azure CLI
What is Azure CLI?
Testing CLI


Azure Compute Resources

Azure Virtual Machine
What is Azure Virtual Machine(VM)?
Pricing Options
VM Size
Understanding VM Images
Creating and working with Azure VMs
Azure VMs IP Addresses and SSH Options
Virtual Machine Scale Sets & Load Balancer
Introduction to Scaling
Scale Set Components
Introduction to Load Balancing
Creating Load Balancer
Connecting Load Balancer with Scale Set
Scale Up & Scale Down based on Metrics
Azure App Service
What is App Service?
Deploying Web Applications
Azure Functions
What is Azure Functions?
Supported Languages
How Azure Functions works?
Creating, testing and using Azure Functions


Azure Identity Resources

Azure Active Directory (AD)
What is Azure AD?
Azure AD Features
Creating Users and Groups
Assigning Roles to Users
Adding Subscription


Azure Storage Resources

Disk Storage
What is Disk Storage?
Disk Storage Types
Disk Storage Pricing
Create, Add and Detach a Data Disk
Delete a Disk
Snapshot a Disk
Blob Storage
What is Blob Storage?
Create a Container
Managing Container
Deleting Container


Azure Database Resources

Azure SQL Database
What is Azure SQL Database?
SQL Database Deployment Models
Creating and Monitoring SQL Database
SQL Database Scalability
SQL Database Security
Connecting to SQL Databases
Cosmos DB
What is Cosmos DB?
Data partitioning and scaling
Cosmos DB Resources


Azure Networking & Content Delivery Resources

Virtual Network
What is Virtual Network?
Security Groups
Route Tables
Virtual Network Peering
IP Address Types & Allocation Methods
Azure DNS
What is DNS?
What is Azure DNS?
Azure DNS Components
Azure DNS Zone
Azure DNS Alias Records
Hosting a website using Azure DNS
Content Delivery Network
What is CDN?
What is Azure CDN?
Azure CDN - How it works?
Azure CDN Profile
Azure CDN Endpoint
Creating Azure CDN Profile & Endpoint


Azure Analytics Resources

Data Factory
What is Azure Data Factory(ADF)?
How Does Azure Data Factory Work?
Creating Data Factory
Creating ADF Data Flow
Event Hubs
What is Event Hubs?
Create an Event Hub
Send and Receive Events


Azure Cost Management Resources

Azure Cost Management + Billing
What is Azure Cost Management?
Azure Cost & Usage Report
Azure Cost Control Strategies
Azure Advisor
What is Azure Advisor?
How to use Azure Advisor?


You get to interact with highly experienced professionals who are AWS certified, have years of real-life projects and training experience. Moreover, Sreeprakash Neelakantan has published a book on Docker!

This is an instructor-led online course with presentation slides. Each student will be provided access to a cloud-based lab to do all the hands-on exercises.


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