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For setting the keyboard type of input text field in Corona,

object.inputType = type

the possible type’s includes,

“default” – the default keyboard, supporting general text, numbers and punctuation
“number” – a numeric keypad
“phone” – a keypad for entering phone numbers
“url” – a keyboard for entering website URLs
“email” – a keyboard for entering email addresses

Example :
numericField = native.newTextField( 50, 150, 220, 36, handlerFunction )
numericField.inputType = “number”

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For making an input text field hidden/secure,

local passwordField = native.newTextField( 100, 50, 40, 30, inputListener )
passwordField.isSecure = true

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  • input text in corona sdk

For setting color of text in text input field,

local field1 = native.newTextField( 50, 100, 100, 35 )
field1.text = “Hello, world!”
field1:setTextColor( 255, 128, 0 )

Creating a numeric text field in Corona SDK

For creating a numeric text field in Corona SDK,

Syntax :

native.newTextField( left, top, width, height [, listener] ) 

Example :

numericField = native.newTextField( 50, 150, 220, 36, handlerFunction )
numericField.inputType = "number"

It will create a numeric text field with even handler ‘handlerFunction’

Setting the sound volume in Corona SDK

For setting the sound volume in Corona SDK,

 media.setSoundVolume( 0.5 )

Media sound volume can range between 0-1.

For setting a movieclip object to draggable, use the following code

  bounds = { 50, 200, 220, 200 }

it will call ‘pressFunction’ on object press and ‘releaseFunction’ on object release and bounds will set the dragging boundary.

For generating a random number between two particular numbers in Corona SDK,

print (math.random (180, 280))

It will print out a random number between 180 and 280

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For rewinding all the playing audio channels in Corona SDK,


For rewinding an audio loaded with audio.loadSound() in Corona SDK, you should use the channel you want to rewind,

audio.rewind( { channel=3 } )

You should use the audioHandle to rewind an audio loaded with audio.loadStream() in Corona SDK,

audio.rewind( BGMusic ) 

‘BGMusic’ is your audio handle

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