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check when system event occurs

The following method checks when a system event such as application start, application exit etc occurs

local function onSystemEvent( event )
    print( "System event name and type: " .., event.type )

Runtime:addEventListener( "system", onSystemEvent )

check the number of times a timer method fired.

event.count will return the number of times the method is called.

Getting Parent element in jquery

This is Child element 1
This is Child element 2





prevent migration of touch to other objects.

This line prevents migration of touch to other objects when we touch an object.
display.getCurrentStage():setFocus( objectITouched )

Pass parameter to a scene in corona

director:changeScene ({key = “1″}, “myScene”)

here key= “1″ is the parameter passed to the scene “myScene”

How to add a carousel inside a Panel in Sencha

Sample code to add a horizontal carousel inside a panel in Sencha touch is given below.


test.views.MenuTypeView = Ext.extend(Ext.Panel, {

fullscreen: true,

layout: ‘card’,

cardSwitchAnimation: ‘slide’,

initComponent: function () {

this.backButton = new Ext.Button({

text        : ‘Home’,

ui                : ‘back’,

handler        : this.backButtonTap,

scope        : this


this.saveButton = new Ext.Button({

text        : ‘Save’,

ui                : ‘action’,

handler        : this.saveButtonTap,

scope        : this




this.carousel = new Ext.Carousel({                 

fullscreen: true,

defaults: {

styleHtmlContent: true



items: [


id                : 'idOne',

html         : 'IMAGE-1 MENU ITEMS',

style        : 'background-color: #5E99CC'

}, {

id                : 'idTwo',

html         : 'IMAGE-2 ICON MENU ITEMS',

style        : 'background-color: #759E60'

}, {

id                : 'idThree',

html         : 'IMAGE-3 TABBED BAR ITEMS'

}, {

id                : 'idFour',

html         : 'IMAGE-4 TESTING'








this.appCarouselPanel = new Ext.form.FormPanel({         

dockedItems        : [{

xtype        : 'toolbar',

title        : 'Select Menu Type',

items        : [


{xtype: 'spacer'},




items                :[{

layout: 'hbox',                                        

items: this.carousel







this.items = [this.appCarouselPanel];;


saveButtonTap: function () {




backButtonTap: function () {




Moving Sprite in Cocos2d x

CCFiniteTimeAction* actionMove = CCMoveTo::actionWithDuration( (ccTime)actualDuration, ccp(240, 320) );
CCFiniteTimeAction* actionMoveDone = CCCallFuncN::actionWithTarget( this, callfuncN_selector(HelloWorld::spriteMoveFinished));
sprite->runAction( CCSequence::actions(actionMove,actionMoveDone, NULL) );

Getting Screen size of a device using cocos2d x

CCSize winSize = CCDirector::sharedDirector()->getWinSize();

Dragging an Object in Sencha Touch

new Ext.util.Draggable('invalid', {
            group: 'invalid', //If group is invalid, that means there is no active target to drop.I f you want to drop specify droppable object.
            revert: true
        }); in sencha Touch

Represents a single read or write operation performed by a Proxy. Operation objects are used to enable communication between Stores and Proxies. Application developers should rarely need to interact with Operation objects directly.

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