Our Articles

  1. TOCTOU Time of Check and Time of Use  — a Demonstration and Mitigation
    Using PHP, MySQL and Python
  2. Node.js Url Routing Example Using Docker
    Simple ways to use URI to direct requests!
  3. Serverless Application Using AWS S3, AWS APIGateway and AWS Lambda — A CLI Method
    There are so many GUI examples on the net, here is the CLI way!
  4. AWS APIGateway and Lambda — a GET Mehod CLI Demo
    100% AWS CLI Based Execution
  5. AWS Lambda Python Demo Using AWS CLI
    Convert Kg to Lb 100% via the Command Line!
  6. AWS Redshift — A Tiny Demo via Console and AWS CLI
    How can we use Redshift
  7. AWS SWF Simple Workflow — A Demonstration Using AWS CLI
    Let us demystify SWF without having to use Python, PHP, Ruby, Java etc.
  8. What is ELK Stack? How to deploy ELK using Docker, AWS EC2 and AWS Elastic Search
    Elastic Search simplified
  9. Running Docker Inside and Outside of a Jenkins Container, Along With Docker-Compose — a Tiny Pipeline as Code Demonstration
    Everything is Code, Versioned and Docker Docker Everywhere!
  10. AWS Data Pipeline for DynamoDB Backup to S3 — a Tiny Demonstration
    AWS Data Pipeline is a web service that can process and transfer data between different AWS or on-premises services.
  11. AWS EMR Elastic Map Reduce — a Tiny Demonstration using AWS CLI
    Amazon EMR is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) that simplifies running big data frameworks, such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, on AWS to process and analyze vast amounts of data.
  12. Ansible Tags Usage — a Tiny Demonstration
    Tags help Ansible tasks to be selected from a play or play-book.
  13. Ansible Vault Variables — a Tiny Demonstration to Handle Secrets
    How can we avoid plain text values to store critical values like passwords in an Ansible Play.
  14. MicroServices using Docker Compose — a Tiny Demonstration
    Here is a super quick way to launch two services, one running a Python based Docker Container application and the other running a Docker Container running Redis Server.
  15. Two Docker Container Communication Using Python and Redis— a Tiny Demonstration
    Here is a super quick way to launch a Python based Docker Container application that talks to another Docker Container running a Redis Server using a custom bridge network.
  16. Ingress Controller and Kubernetes Using Minikube — a Tiny Demonstration
    Using your local machine.
  17. AWS Kinesis Data Streams — a Tiny CLI Demo
    Kinesis Data Streams is a part of the AWS Kinesis streaming data platform, along with Kinesis Data Firehose, Kinesis Video Streams, and Kinesis Data Analytics.
  18. AWS CLI and SQS — a Tiny Demonstration
    This tiny guide assumes that you already know what is AWS SQS and how it really works! Here we will demonstrate how we can use AWS CLI to see how SQS it works.



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