Arduino IDE

Arduino IDE

At last, here is the much awaited app that let you take the Arduino IDE wherever you go!

What is this app?

  • This app lets you upload Arduino sketches (Arduino programs) directly from any iOS device to your Arduino.

Setting Up

  • Connect the Arduino to your mac (or windows)
  • Start the already installed Arduino IDE (you must download and install the IDE from
  • Choose the correct port and board
  • Upload a sample sketch to confirm that the uploading works
  • Close the Arduino. IDE
  • Register at to get the upload ID and Arduino IDE Connector App
  • Edit the ard.ini file that came with the Arduino IDE Connector App on your Macbook
  • Enter your email id, upload id and port
  • Start the Arduino IDE Connector app
  • That is it..
  • Launch the iPad, iPod or iPhone Arduino IDE app and
  • Under settings, enter your email id and upload ID
  • Load a sample program and click Upload


Voila !!!


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