Ansible Getting Started - Instructor-Led Online Training

Ansible Getting Started - Instructor-Led Online Training

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Ansible Getting Started TOC

You get access to our cloud lab to do all section exercises


Introduction to Configuration Management

Introduction to Configuration Management
What is Configuration Management?
Understanding Infrastructure As Code
Need for Configuration Management
Types of Configuration Management Tools
Push-based v/s Pull-based Configuration Management


Ansible Getting Started

Introduction to Ansible
What is Ansible?
Principles of Ansible
Advantages of Ansible
Ansible Architecture & Terminologies
Ansible Architecture
Ansible Inventory
Ansible Task
Ansible Play
Ansible Playbook
Ansible Modules
Ansible Roles
Ansible Facts


Ansible Setup & Configuration

Ansible Setup & Configuration
Installing Ansible
Ansible Control Server
Ansible Configuration File
Setting Up Ansible Inventory
Working with Ansible Inventories
Connecting Ansible Nodes with Control Server


Ansible Modules

Ansible Modules
Understanding Ansible Modules
Executing Ansible Modules using AdHoc Commands
Types of Ansible Modules
Working with File and Copy Modules
File Manipulation with Ansible


Ansible Playbooks

Ansible Playbooks
Understanding Ansible Playbooks
Playbook Structure
YAML Best Practices
Writing Ansible Playbooks
Ansible Playbooks - Error Handling
Working with Ansible Templates, Variables and Facts
Passing Values for Variables Inline
Running Ansible Playbooks
Deploying Services Using Ansible Playbooks
Ansible Rolling Updates


Ansible Roles

Ansible Roles
Understanding Ansible Roles
Need for Ansible Roles
Creating Custom Roles
Using Roles
Templating using Jinja2
What is Ansible Galaxy?
Working with Roles using Ansible Galaxy
Installing & Using 3rd Party Roles


Ansible Tags

Ansible Tags
Understanding Ansible Tags
Advantages of Using Tags
Ansible Playbook Execution Filtering Using Tags
Ansible Playbook Execution Skipping Tags


Ansible Vault

Ansible Vault
What is Ansible Vault?
Working with Sensitive Data Using Ansible Vault
Accessing Ansible Vault Data


Ansible on Cloud

Ansible on Cloud
Ansible on AWS Cloud
Using Ansible to Create & Configure EC2 Instances
Dynamic Inventories
Deploying Application to Cloud using Ansible


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