Sreeprakash N

Sreeprakash N

IT – for Inner Transformation

In his long and eventful career, Sree has seen and known the effects of stress, especially in today’s professional scenario.

After experiencing the effectiveness of The Art of Living workshops, one of the world’s most popular self-development workshops founded by H. H. Sri Sri Ravishankar, Sree decided to create awareness about the same to people from all walks of life.

In the year 1999, Sree became a faculty member for the self-development workshops for The Art of Living. He is the founding member of the ‘Art of Living Kerala Apex Body’, and has been the State Teachers’ Coordinator. Till date, he has successfully conducted hundreds of workshops to participants, including Trivandrum Press Club, IAS officials, professionals and students, to help them re-experience the stress-free way of life.


Mind Interface:

Sree and his team has done several experiments on interfacing mind and real world. How a relaxed mind or a tensed mind can be used to communicate and control has been demonstrated at Schogini. Schogini currently is testing how functional areas of brain could be used, which could be of immense help to people who are bed ridden paralyzed.


Blind Interface:

Sree and his team perfected the first seeing and coloring application for the blind and research in on in the areas where IT has help the challenged.

Sreeprakash Neelakantan, Founder/MD

F​ounder/MD Sreeprakash N, called Sree, is one of India’s most experienced IT professional, who has extensive expertise in hardware & software, from to micro-controllers to mainframe.

Sree’s journey into IT started at the age of 17 when he passed the City and Guilds of London Exam with Credit. In the year 1978, he graduated with honors from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET) in Electrical Engineering with Computer Systems as a special subject.

Starting his career with ORG Systems in Bombay as Customer Engineering Manager, he had the opportunity to look after 8-bit computers to Sperry Univac mainframe at Indian Airlines. Later he was the recipient of a special award from ORG, for his commendable contribution during the ‘Reserve Bank of India Bank Clearing House implementations’ in the early 80s. During the banking computerization in India, he was selected to be a part of the first team that was trained in Paris for MICR check encoding.

Sree’s career took off to yet another high as he joined KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as their Information Technology Manager for Middle East and South Asia. He won the Top Quality Performance Award in 1995; and received the award from Bram F. Steller, then Vice President KLM.

Sree made a deep impact in the efficiency of technology implementations at KLM that resulted in huge cost saving.

Some of Sree’s inventions include:

Flight Load Scanner:

A sales forcasting tool to help optimal filling of flights, this was implemented world wide.

Telex Scanner:

First time, the printer based messaging system was fully automated as a desktop tool, with search etc, in early 80s.

Incident Control/Management System: Highly efficient cell to handle incidents.

In-Flight Questionnaire Remote Data Entry: Cost effective, error free data processing center was setup in Srilanka.

Frequent Flyer Extention FAMP: Family extension high power database management system was added on top of KLM’s frequent flyer programme.

​Flight Hub-Scanner: An efficient tool to optimize connecting times and schedule flights, this was implemented world wide.

As part of his remarkable career, Sree has traveled to more than 30 countries, to implement IT solutions and train IT professionals.

Along with his fast paced career, Sree has also completed the Advanced Software Development Techniques at TIFR/Bombay with distinction. Also, Sree received the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer certification in 1994, and is India’s 5th Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer. Sree is currently pursuing his MBA in International Business and eCommerce, with specialization in Mobile Games.​​

Sree and his team at Schogini Systems experiments with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Arduino based applications, in addition to Web and eCommerce on LAMP. Sree is India’s 5th Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer and also, a past Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.

Sree is India’s first Advanced SEO Certified Professional

Sree and Marketing Guru Fabian Lim at the ASEO Workshop Singapore Nov’12.

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    Sir is there any way that i can increase the speed of emulator in android..i have used many methods which are in the internet…but they won’t work…Comparison to iphone and blackberry emulators it is to slow

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    You can enable Snapshot in Android Emulator. It is sure to save time.

    You can launch an emulator at the start of the day and close it when you finish coding.

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