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icon144Zoo Animal and Bird Sounds for kids
Fun way to learn for kids about the colorful World of Animals & Birds and their Sounds. Kindle that spark of curiosity within your toddlers. Bring them a step closer to nature!

This fun application helps your children discover the animal kingdom; identify them by sight, recognize them by sound.
Are you in a Jungle? or visiting the Zoo? All the creatures are right in your palm!
Teach your children about the animals around them while entertaining them at the same time. A good way to keep preschool aged children occupied and familiarized with wildlife. Babies too will love the interesting noises which help them to calm down or stop crying, and you can go about your business!!!

Animal and Bird sounds is the best app to teach kids the sounds of animals and birds from the animal kingdom. If you want your kids to connect with nature, this is the best way to do it. The app features bird sounds, animals sounds and it has all the ingredients to make sure your kids have a lovely time. The app is primarily designed with preschool kids in mind and helps them connect with nature. If you want any sounds to be included in our app, please email us.

The sounds that are included are cow, mosquito, crow, rooster, cat, elephant, monkey, frog and many more. The app which comes under education category will be a visual treat for kids. If you want your kids to visit the zoo virtually then just download this app and give that mobile to your kid but you won’t get your phone back.


Here is the working video of Alphabet Train app…





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