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I am Sreeprakash Neelakantan (Sree) with 40+ years of industry experience and award-winning former IT Head - KLM Airlines. I have written a book on Docker and, I am a certified AWS professional. My experienced team is offering private-lessons in Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, DevOps, and more


Instructor-Led training or Video Course - which is better?

Instructor-led training is much more useful than books or videos because your instructor can understand where you stand currently and guide you exactly from there, thus reducing the learning curve. Also, you can ask questions whenever you get stuck, which ensures better utilization of your time.

What about the lab?

Unlike other online courses, in our programs, you have to do the practical exercises during the session itself and not later. We will provide you access to cloud-based labs. All you need is a laptop with internet access. Carefully crafted exercises ensure real-life experience needed to build your confidence and understanding to face interviews or any professional challenges.

Why train with us?

We are a team of AWS certified professionals with years of real-life industry experience and have trained hundreds of professionals around the globe, including fortune 500 companies. Whether you are a fresher or a seasoned professional, we can help make the necessary transformation in you or your organization!

Any Certificates?

We will be conducting a quiz at the end of each section to confirm that there is basic understanding of the topics covered. You will get a course completion certificate signed by me and other trainers from Schogini Systems P Ltd. Post-training, we will give you a unique project as an assignment, on its successful completion & evaluation, we will issue you an additional experience certificate!

AWS, Docker, DevOps, and Kubernetes Training Topics

- Introduction to Linux
- Basic Linux Commands
- Basics of Bash-scripting
- Introduction to Cloud Computing
- Introduction to AWS

- Architecture of Docker containers
- Running Docker containers
- Containerizing Node, Python and Java Applications
- Running Static, PHP and Java Web Servers
- Creating Custom Docker Images
- Uploading Images to Docker Registry
- Docker Private Registry
- Docker Networking
- Docker Volumes
- Docker Compose
- Docker Swarm
- How to run Docker containers on AWS EC2
- Connecting the containers running inside EC2 to a domain name for production scenarios

- Introduction to Microservices architecture
- Introduction to Container Orchestration
- Introduction to Kubernetes
- Kubernetes Core Concepts
- Kubernetes Installation, Configuration & Validation
- Container Orchestration using Kubernetes
- Cluster Management
- Application Lifecycle Management
- Services & Networking
- Cluster Monitoring and Maintenance

- Introduction to DevOps
- Processes involved with DevOps
- Introduction to CI/CD
- Implementing CI/CD Automation

Docker, Kubernetes, Devops and AWS - Training Details

Introductory Offer! Register Now! Limited Seats Per Batch! 


Duration Per Session: 2 Hours 

Special timings can be arranged for bulk registrations and custom sessions. 


Total Number of Sessions per Batch: 12

For any other technologies to be covered, please contact us for the session timings.


Session Days: Weekdays

We can arrange longer duration, shorter number of days as well on request.


Timings: Batch

Batch-1:  7am-9am IST
Batch-2: 9:30am-11:30am IST
Batch-3: 2:30pm-4:30pm IST
- Should you wish special timings, please feel free to contact us.



Contact me for the most competitive and affordable pricing.


What you need

- You need a laptop with Windows 10 professional or Mac OS with a minimum of 4GB RAM with 20GB free space.
- A good internet connection.



- B.E/B.Tech and should have studied a programming language.
- Familiarity with Linux will be helpful but we will give a quick introduction for it.



These are the most critical technologies that are currently trending and will continue to be famous for the next several years, viz AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps/CI/CD. This course takes you from an introduction to Linux first and from there to AWS. Then dive deep into Docker and Kubernetes. Finally, a CI/CD automation project implementation. These technologies can help you position as a cloud or automation professional.

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional, you can join this course. The only requirement is your keen interest in servers and automation.

You get to interact with highly experienced professionals who are AWS certified, have years of real-life projects and training experience. Moreover, Sreeprakash Neelakantan has published a book on Docker!

AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, and DevOps/CI/CD are technologies that are currently trending.

DevOps, AWS, Docker, and Kubernetes are one of the hottest technology areas with colossal scope. Your interest and commitment will go a long way in establishing yourself as a cloud professional, and this training can help you.

This is an instructor-led online course with presentation slides. Each student will be provided access to a cloud-based lab to do all the hands-on exercises.


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